Threat Level Wednesday! Carneys, Justice Leagues, a Bat, a Blimp and a Goat! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday! Carneys, Justice Leagues, a Bat, a Blimp and a Goat!


Bob’s picks for the week of 7/10


Hawkeye12Hawkeye #12
By Matt Fraction and Francesco Francavilla

Why?: Because Hawkeye’s the man. This title has been great from the beginning and will always be on this list. Hawkeye reunites with his older brother, ( former Carney, Mobster, FBI Agent and Dark Avenger ) Barney, but that’s not until the last page due to some brotherly miscommunication. The reunion is preceded by some panhandling, a dog rescue, a bum fight and some flashbacks to the brothers Barton childhood, which was pretty crappy. Fraction continues to write the breakaway hit of 2013, and joining him in this arc is the moody hued Francesco Francavilla, whose noir stylings are perfect for this out of costume superhero title.



Justice League #22
By Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

Why?: The Trinity War starts here, that’s why! Everything from the final pages of Flashpoint has built up to this crossover between the Justice Leagues ( Regular, of America, and Dark ). When Pandora, the legend of myth, cause of all the trouble in the world and guess star in all New 52 titles #1, brings the skull shaped “box” bearing her name to Superman to right her wrongs, things don’t go as planned. And when Amanda Waller orders the JLA into Khandaq to retrieve an errant Billy Bats on spreading Black Adams ashes, the Shazam really hits the fan and war breaks out when Superman does the unthinkable to the JLA’s newest member.


Batman #22
By Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Why?: Because Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Zero Year forges on ( literally, judging by the cover ). Here is Bruce in his early days, pre-Batsuit, pre-Bat-mobile, taking his first steps ( upside down on a blimp ) as a vigilante, hunting down the Red Hood gang and coming to grips with returning to Gotham. Snyder continues to add to and cultivate the Batman mythos and this arc will be one for the ages. All beautifully drawn by Capullo, check out his panel arrangement as Bruce solves his first Edward Enigma riddle. These two creators make one dynamic duo (sorry!)


quantum and woody

Quantum and Woody #1
Valiant Entertainment
By James Asmus and Tom  Fowler

Why?: Because I’ve been dying to read this since it was first announced. And just to prove I’m not a shill for Valiant; here’s a review from What’cha Reading’s very own Rosemary:
Quantum and Woody Returns! Goat to Follow

East of West

East of West #4
Image Comics
By Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

Why?: I said it before and I’ll say it again, Hickman can do no wrong.
As massive as his imagination appears in his Marvel runs, his own work dwarfs that by leaps and un-editored bounds. East of West ‘s techno western biblical revelations story is epic in its making and masterfully drawn by Dragotta. Death ( the literal one ) rides against the might of Mao’s great army to rescue the woman he loves, causing his reborn Horseman to look for help in other places of power, and other government leaders to start quaking in their boots.

Last Weeks Surprise hit:


Iron Man #12
Marvel Comics
By Kieron Gillen and Dale Eaglesham

Why?:  Tony Stark’s Secret Origin has been a fun arc, adding a hereto unknown aspect of Iron Man’s  beginnings, literally back to the womb. Howard Stark’s race against time to save his unborn child with the help of secretive alien technology, a cosmic android, and some gray skinned allies comes to ahead this issue, with the human race’s future in the cosmos hanging in the balance.
Gillen writes a great Stark and manages to justify Iron Man’s current obsession with being in space. Eaglsesham’s classic style is great for the current time arc as well as the flashbacks.

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