Threat Level: WEDNESDAY! - Batman #36 Bats vs. Jokerized Supes. Nuff Said! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY! – Batman #36 Bats vs. Jokerized Supes. Nuff Said!


Threat Level: WEDNESDAY! - Batman #36 Bats vs. Jokerized Supes. Nuff Said!

batman36cBatman #36
w. Scott Snyder
a. Greg Capullo

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Jokerized Superman vs. Batman. By Snyder and Capullo. For you and for me. Is it Christmas already???
Just to make sure their run is as epic as possible, Snyder and Capullo answer the question that has echoed through newsstands, comic shops, convention centers and any other place comic geeks gather to discuss all things comic booky: Who would win in a fight Superman or Batman??? (Superman actually asks this out loud, in story!)batman365
After last issue’s reveal that the Joker is back, and has sent Joker-gassed JLA members after Batman, Superman has arrived in Gotham… and he’s smiling!
Not that corn bred aww shucks Kansas grin, a maniacal teeth showing, emptied eyed psychotic smile! ( And much credit to Capullo for drawing the creepiest Superman this fan has ever seen!!! And I Saw those Tim Burton/ Nick Cage photos )
So now the most argued over battle takes place in downtown Gotham City, and only one of the World’s Finest will walk away from this one!
batman364Equipped with a battlesuit that has plasma shielding to ward off heat vision, thermal thrust units to counteract freeze breath, and miniature red suns in its gauntlets and chest piece ( thank you Ray Palmer ) and even Kryptonite gum ( it’s got a cool sciencey name, but Alfred calls it Kryptonite gum, so I will too ), Batman proves why there is only one answer to that age-old question!

And that’s not all, The Joker finally reveals himself to Batman. Where has he been hiding?? In plain sight all along! Oh there were clues! But they would have given Edward Nygma a run for his money, let alone Batman and us readers!
I cannot recommend this run enough, for three years this team has pushed the envelope in terms of not only storytelling, but in elevating a characters coolness level just when you thought it was at its highest. And all that was just a build up to this arc! Get this book!


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