Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! An Avengers trifecta, a Flash double feature, and dueling Kindt premiers! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! An Avengers trifecta, a Flash double feature, and dueling Kindt premiers!



Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! an Avengers trifecta, A Flash double feature, and dueling Kindt premiers!New Avengers #17

w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Rags Morales

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because another Superteam, the Great Society, have done what no one but the Illuminati of our Earth have one, stopped an Incursion of an Alternate Earth from destroying theirs. Comprised of the greatest heroes of the Anti-Heroic Age, the Great Society resembles the Distinguished Competition’s main super team, with members like, Sun-God, The Rider, Norn , Boundless, Dr.Spectrum and the Jovian ( hell, the issue is even drawn by Rags Morales! ).These great and noble heroes barely survived the Incursion, as well as an encounter with world destroying Map-Makers, only to have another Incursion come quickly into their reality.

The near dead and crippled team still goes forth, filled with hope to battle the latest threat, whether a failed Incursion, or invasion by the Black Priests, they will fight until the end.Viewing their plight from a portal, Black Panther and his “frenemy” Namor,discuss the apparent increasing possibility that they and their fellow Illuminati  will fail and our Earth will die, and will they have the courage to face death like these great heroes did? The two Kings make amends in the face of such heroism,  and amazingly, share a moment of laughter, until something catches their eyes and sobers them up quick. What do they see in the portal that has these two kings afraid their worst nightmares have come true? Read it and find out!

Avengers World #5AvengersWorld#5
w. Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer
a. Stefano Casseli

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?:  Because Hickman’s imagination is just as big as the current Avengers roster, so  it could easily spread to a third book. Avengers World covers the sub-teams of Avengers as they are spread out across the globe on missions of extreme planetary danger. With a team in Madripoor (currently on top of a giant mythical dragon), another in The Dead City in Italy, and three Avengers missing in the Techno-evolving Island Empire of AIM, Cap, Maria Hill and Iron Man scramble to save their teammates, trapped behind a powerful force field on the island. Iron Man finds the teams AWOL teleporter, Manifold, in the deserts of Australia meditating. Iron Man attempts to convince him to use his powers to teleport past the force-field and save Sunspot, Cannonball, and Smasher, but the Aborigine teleporter confesses to problems with his power, ever since the Builder’s War in space. He feels his connection to mother earth, and by extension the space/time continuum is off and he needs to heal spiritually an mentally. Find out how Led Zeppelin helps him get in touch with the Universe (literally) and the dangers she shows him, rocks him to the very core, and shows the necessity of the Avenger’s Machine!

Avengers #28Avengers #28
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Salvador Larocca

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?:  Because, on the other side of the New Avengers encounter with the Great Society, the main Avengers get caught up in battle with an evil version of the original Avengers line up. These evil counterparts were found by AIM’s Scientist Supreme while exploring the multivariate to further his goals. Unleashed upon the populace to wreak havoc and sully the good name of the Avengers, the Evil Avengers (and not one of them has a goatee) have made a deal with AIM. But one of them reneged on the deal, and what does this doppelgänger of Bruce Banner have to say to Tony Stark? What’s in the briefcase he brings to the meeting that has Iron Man so nervous? Secrets Tony has been keeping are brought to light and his reason for the current formation of the oversized Avengers team are revealed as Johnathan Hickman’s divergent storylines in each title come crashing together. Hickman has been building to something big, something two ongoing titles weren’t big enough to encompass. It all starts…. or rather, it all ENDs here…..


Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1Rebel_Heist
Dark Horse
w. Matt Kindt
a. Marco Castiello

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because I know it seems I kiss a lot of Kindt ass in my reviews, but I promise, as soon as this guy does something wrong, I’ll be all over it… but don’t hold your breath.
 Rebel Heist is a perfect Star Wars tale. Jan, and Imperial soldier, is looking to defect to the Rebellion. He is currently on the planet Corellia, looking to meet up with the Rebel contact that will get him off planet. Imagine his surprise when his contact is none other than Han Solo (Hey Corellia is his home planet!), Rebel General, Hero of the battle of Yavin and the guy who went toe to toe with Darth Vader.
rebelheistKindt uses Jan’s voice to describe Han Solo, who and what he is, in a very effective manner, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’d disagree with his assessment of the cool-as- a-cucumber, wisecracking smuggler we all know and love. And when the two Rebels are chased across Corellia and captured by Imperial forces, we see Kindt as his best: writing believable dialogue. Every word bubble out of Han turns into Harrison Ford talking in your head, his turn of phrase is that spot on. Castillo captures all the flavor of the Star Wars universe in his gritty action style, that works so well  with Kindt’s sci-fi-space-spy story, I’m positive any fan of the Force would love this book and like me, will anticipate its arrival with all the glee of a scruffy looking nerd herder.

rai_1_coverRai #1
w. Matt Kindt
a. Clayton Crain

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?:  I really thought I would have nothing to say about this book that haven’t said before. I’ve written plenty about this character, begging and pleading with Valiant to bring him back, and reviewed almost every press release Valiant put out once they mentioned his return. But now that it’s out and actually in my hands, I realize I was wrong. I have a lot more to say.
In the year 4001 AD, Japan is a giant satellite country, floating in near earth orbit. Technologically advanced beyond our ken, Japan has been at peace for thousands of years. RAI_001_VARIANT_HAIRSINE

The spacebound city state is comprised of various sectors, stacked vertically, with each sector having a different function and or social class, all under the control of Father, the benevolent A.I. that’s runs all systems throughout. Population Control is also run by Father, who decides which citizens can have babies and when, but provides all citizens with a Positron, or PT as there better known. Each PT is an organic Artificial Intelligence that grows along with its paired citizen, part best friend, part cell phone, totally replaceable.

 Father, through these procedures and others have RAI_001_COVER_ALLENkept the citizens of japan safe and happy (except for a small band of rebels known as “Raddies”, who despise Father and anything “Electric”) for centuries.
Now for the first time in a thousand years, a murder is committed in Japan, and Father sends his right-hand man, the near mythological Rai. To some he’s a ghost story, to others a spirit warrior of Japan, and to some a PT lackey controlled by Father. When Rai investigates the murder it leads him into a dark side of Japan he barely knew existed, populated by mysterious figures operating outside of Father’s rules. Who is Spylocke really? Is he just a multimedia legacy character from various entertainment venues over Japan’s history, or is he a real person, leading a mutiny against Father’s rule?

From what he tells Rai, about Father an Japan will have us guessing alongside the titular character in this springs true RAI_001_VARIANT_EVANSblockbuster hit Kindt and Crain destroy it ! This book is worthy of all the hype it’s been given and then some. Kindt crafts a science fiction crime drama, that is uniquely futuristic and intelligently written. Combine that with Clayton Crain’s amazing visuals, seriously, this guy evolved his style to near perfection, you get a sci-fi thriller that has that Bladerunner-esque vibe so many other sci-fi stories attempt to capture, but come up short.

Even if you never read a Valiant book in your life, you’ll devour this one and come back for more!download


For the love of all things comic booky, read this book!






Flash Annual #3Flash-Annual-3 big

w. Venditti & Jensen
a. Frenz & Booth

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?:  Because Wally West is back!……. and he’s BLACK!!!

Honestly, I was pissed at DC when they announced Wally West was coming back in the New 52. I thought it was whiny-fan appeasement for New 52 haters who were looking at Wally’s return as a backdoor to returning to pre-New 52 days. Boy will they be pissed. This Wally doesn’t have blue eyes or red hair, and personality wise: more of a Jason Todd then a Dick Grayson, sidekick wise that is, if you catch my drift. So sorry haters, this isn’t YOUR Wally!
I applaud D.C. for sticking to their guns when it comes to cementing the New 52 universe.

I hope Donna Troy is a Pacific Islander.

Anyway, I gave up pretty early in on the Flash’s New 52 run, was never a big fan anyway, but I grabbed #30 (see below! ) because of the creative team change. I’ll always give a new team on a book a try, especially if I know them. Venditti blew me away with his X-O Manowar reboot for Valiant, and his work with Jensen over on Green Lantern and Corps, picks up seamlessly from Geoff Johns exit. And lets face it, Brett Booth is Brett Booth, when you need someone to draw a fast pace, super-hero action story, you can’t go wrong with him.
This annual continues directly from issue #30, and continues its multi time-period story. In current time (drawn by the ever-classic Ron Frenz ), Barry Allen is still doing his best to help Central City rebuild after the devastation caused by the Crime Syndicate during Forever Evil and the Rogues Rebellion.

As the Flash he’s hunting down a broker who deals in supervillain enhanced tech, as Barry Allen, CCPD Forensics Agent, he makes his first “collar”, arresting a teenage vandal defacing public property, a nephew of certain crime reporter, Iris West. We earn all about the New 52’s Wally West from a talk between Iris and Barry and about the tragic circumstances that lead to Wally moving in with his aunt.

20 years in the future (drawn by Booth), we see an electric blue, tech enhance Flash on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Riddled with guilt from an event that happened fifteen years earlier, (see Flash #30 for details) he meets with a crippled Iris West over Wally’s grave to tell her once again he’s sorry, and how he is going to “fix” things. In order to enact his plan Barry must absorb the last fragment of the Speed Force not in his power already. To do this he must defeat Grodd, who has only grown stronger in the past 20 years.

This is a strong start for the next chapter in Flash’s life, and it looks like its going to be a long interesting read. Venditti puts a lot of long-term thought, (Almost 30 consecutive quality issues of X-O so far!) and strong concepts in his books. I have total faith in the direction he is taking and I’m putting Flash back on my pull list. Bravo guys!

Last Week’s Surprise Pick:

Flash#30Flash #30
w. Venditti & Jensen
a. Brett Booth

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Look, If I talk anymore about the events in this new Flash arc then I did above, it’s going to spoil too much stuff. Plus I’m very tired and this article is very, very past deadline. But suffice to say; it’s the same writer, same artist and an absolute prelude to the annual. It’s the creative teams début so it’s a good place to start. And I swear this was my pick from last week before I even read the annual.

See You Next Week!

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