Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! - Avengers #41- the PEN-ULTIMATE chapter of Secret Wars begins! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! – Avengers #41- the PEN-ULTIMATE chapter of Secret Wars begins!


Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! - Avengers #41- the PEN-ULTIMATE chapter of Secret Wars begins!

Avengers #41
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Mike Deodato

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Holy $#!% this books rocks!

Reading a Hickman book is like reading a book by the triple-helixed cloned love child of  Grant Morrison and  Geoff Johns, who was raised by Jack Kirby’s cosmic consciousness melded into a neuro-gel based supercomputer.

The book is loaded with intense superhero action and filled to the brim with high-end super-science, all gloriously rendered by the near-perfect storytelling skills of the magnificent Mike Deodato. These two are unstoppable forces in the Marvel Universe on their own, yet alone teamed together to start the landslide story arc leading to Secret Wars.
Reed_Richards_(Earth-1610)_from_Ultimate_Comics_Ultimates_Vol_1_2_0001This book has it all for those who have followed Hickman’s ongoing Incursion story-arc unfolding in Avengers and New Avengers, yet can serve as a jumping on point for readers suddenly attracted to the book due to the announcement of Marvel’s upcoming Universe shattering event. The mechanics of the threat, and the careful arrangement of heroes and villains, like pieces on a chessboard are laid out in front of the reader through the eyes of very surprising guest star….. The Ultimate Reed Richards!

For those not in the know, The Ultimate Reed Richards went a little wacky, and became one of the biggest villains of the Ultimate Universe. Nearly destroying it on several occasions, Reed built a sentient City populated with evolutionarily advanced super beings,destroyed most of Europe and destabilized world governments economically and socially, only to recently redeem himself and save the Ultimate Earth from being destroyed by the 616 Galactus. Now he works in Secret for the Ultimate Nick Fury, preparing for various Doomsday scenarios with a limitless budget and all of SHIELD’s tech,developing ways to save the world over and over again……
Or so we thought!

Reed Richards keeps up a dog and pony-show with his oversight from SHIELD, but in secret has returned to his Maker identity, going as far as to rebuild City, the sentient city he used in his world conquest, in a bid to tackle his latest project, stopping incursions from destroying the Ultimate Universe. ( hey I know another Reed Richards, doing the same for his universe! ) before he can enact his long-term plans to take it over. Using methods slightly more brutal than his 616 counterpart ( or as City puts it: ” You are the most advanced human in the history of your planet….it should be expected that you’ve grown into it’s most proficient killer ” ),
Maker has destroyed over 67 worlds and on his way to the 68th when City informs him of an anomaly rippling throughout the multiverse.

battleworldAs of a short time ago, there were still tens of thousands of alternate worlds left, waiting their turn to fall into an Incursion with another Earth. As of today, there are less than two dozen ( uh-oh, can you say Battle World ), as Reed goes off to investigate, events happening elsewhere in the book lead him to what might be his greatest enemies….or his staunchest allies!!!
Find out the fallout from the Avengers attack on the Cabal. Are Thanos, Maximus , Black Swan and the other villains trapped on a world about to be destroyed? Did the Back Panther and Black Bolt really murder Namor, or was he sentenced to a fate much worse than death??? What happens to Earth when Gladiator, leader of the Shi’Ar Empire finds out about the Incursions and their cosmic link to world of man?? ( it involves the Kree, the Skrulls, Annihilus and the Brood and a whole lot of animosity from a bunch of aliens who had their butts saved by the Avengers during the Builders War ) What the hell is going on, man???????

Watch in wonder as the Marvel Universe falls apart at the seams as….TIME RUNS OUT!!!!!

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