Threat Level Wednesday - Angels, Bats, Wolves, and Physics! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday – Angels, Bats, Wolves, and Physics!




Guardians of the Galaxy #5

w. Brian Michael Bendis
a. Sarah Pichelli

Why?: Because like everyone else, I can’t take my eyes off a car accident either. I’ve always loved the Guardians and Marvel’s cosmic sphere so I find it hard to give this title up, and despite its plodding arc, Sara Pichelli is one excellent artist, injecting some life into Bendis’ script.
Oh yeah and this one has Angela in it, with as just about as much face time as she had in Age of Ultron… Did you know she was an angel, whose mad from being ripped from her universe and wants to kill whoever did this to her? Well its stated here again. In case you missed it. In her other, only appearance. Thanks for the consultant work Mr. Gaiman. I can only hope there is a greater plan for her future at Marvel than I can see.



Batman Inc. #13

w. Grant Morrison
a. Chris Burnham

Why?: Because much like, Geoff John’s run on Green Lantern, Morrison has added so much to the Batman mythos over the years he has spent writing him, its saddening to see him go, but exciting to see the path Batman will take without him at the helm.
This issue resolves Batman’s long running war with Leviathan, brings back a surprise guest star only deep fans of Incorporated will note the significance of, and has a not so surprising revelation at the end that will piss a few people off , but only those who haven’t been reading it. Noooo, Damian doesn’t come back….. Or does he??? Bwa ha ha ha


Batman Annual #2

w. Scott Snyder & Marguerite Bennett
a. Wes Craig

Why?:  Two reasons… One, the historical significance of a female writer writing Batman in his regular title( albeit an annual). Two, Scott Snyder’s last protegé James Tynion IV has been nothing but impressive on Talon and Red Hood, so I’m under the assumption Maugerite Bennett will be equally so, if not more impressive. A tenuous Zero Year tie in that tells a tale within itself, this annual was a good read. While helping Dr. Arkham test out the new supervillain detention wing of Arkham Asylum, Batman encounters the Anchoress, one of Arkham’s original asylees ( it’s a real word, it’s used in this book.. and I looked it up! ) who has a bone to pick with Gotham’s protector, one that dates back to one of Bruce Waynes firsts forays into Batman-hood the story was engaging, and kinda creepy, showing plenty of promise for Ms. Bennett future as a comic book writer.




G.I. Joe #192

IDW Comics
w. Larry Hama
a. Sergio Cariello

Why?: Because this is my forearm:


This is my dog 🙁 his name is Timber! )



And this is the best Christmas present I ever got:


I never got back into G.I. Joe, It was such a major part of my childhood, that I couldn’t bring myself to spoil the memory of it… but Scarlet and Snake Eyes go on vacation, written by G.I. Joe God Larry Hama, this has to be good.


Collider #1

Vertigo ( yeah I know Vertigo is DC, but look at this book, it screams independent lol )
w. Simon Oliver
a. Robbi Rodriguez

Why?: Because the only thing better than a good comic, is a good comic you can learn something from ( like the definition of Asylees ). I love science. I love physics and quantum stuff, and this should be full of it. I mean it stars Agents of the F.B.P. , the Federal Bureau of Physics. Agents who investigate things like localized gravity disturbances, and the like, and then go about repairing the very fabric of the universe like you and me go to work each day. But after a near accident causes one agent to question his job, it shows another one who might be working for someone else, someone who doesn’t have the safety of our dimension on their agenda.

Last Week’s Surprise Pick


Constantine # 5
DC Comics
w. Ray Fawkes
a. Renato Guedas

why?: Because I too was a saddened wreck of a human when Hellblazer was canceled, and can almost convulse with how tame the New 52 Constantine is compared to his Vertiginous counterpart. But I have now grown to love his new role, and was amazed at his use in both JL Dark, and his own book. And to see the result of someone as tricksy and deceiving as good ol John getting his hands on the power of Shazam, well its just fun to see. A true tie in to Trinity War ( John and Shazam are seen walking off together in the last issue of JLD ), the theft of the powers has a story driven purpose, not just some gimmick to see Constantine in a cape, and has ramifications that continue to further Constantine’s own storyline.



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