Threat Level: Wednesday, A Titan Rises! A Hero Falls! A War Come To An End! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: Wednesday, A Titan Rises! A Hero Falls! A War Come To An End!




Thanos Rising #4 w. Jason Aaron  a. Simone Bianchi $3.99

Why?: Because Thanos  has always been one of those characters who you heard of their horrible childhood in bits and pieces, but the details were never fleshed out. Starlin told us he killed his mother, attacked his home world, used sorcery and science to advance his powers and became a galactic pirate. Aaron and Bianchi show us; in full glorious ( or gore-ious ) detail. Aaron writes the Titan’s descent into madness with a slow building ferocity only matched by Bianchi’s detailed rendering. After destroying countless worlds and hunting down all his illegitimate children for his childhood love, she finally reveals her true nature…. And any true fan of Thanos won’t be surprised, but they will be impressed.



Justice League of America #6 w. Johns & Lemire  a. Doug Mahnke $3.99

Why?: Trinity War rocks that’s why! After the events of Justice League #22 ( no spoilers here, go read it! ) a war among the two Leagues breaks out, but a decision by Supes stalls the battle… for the moment. The Question steps to the forefront, not only narrating the issue, but breaking into ARGUS headquarters to stir the pot further. I guess that’s what one of the Trinity of Sin would do huh?  Meanwhile Wonder Woman seeks out help from the creator of Pandora’s Box, only to find out he had nothing to do with its creation. And what does Amanda Waller have in mind when she asks Firestorm if he can make Kryptonite with his elemental powers? Trouble is abrewin’!


Wonder Woman #22 w. Brian Azzarello.  a. Cliff Chiang $2.99

Why?:  Azzarello. Chiang. New Gods. Orion. Highfather. Boom Tubes. New Genesis. And London burns at the hands of Zeus’ First born. Oh yeah and Wonder Woman is in there somewhere. New Myths meet old and it’s not pretty.


HWARS_004_COVER_ZIRCHER1Harbinger Wars #4 Valiant  Entertainment w. Dysart & Swierczynski a. Clayton Henry & co. $3.99

Why?: Because almost two years worth of storytelling reaches culmination in Valiant’s first crossover event. Events in both Bloodshot and Harbinger have led to this mini-series that has blown me away with its continuity and inter-connectivity to it parent titles. The four-way battle, between Harada’s Harbingers, Pete’s Renegades and Project Rising Spirit and Bloodshot rages on, intensified by PSR bringing in HARD Corps last issue, now once the escaped Psiot Children calling themselves Generation Zero have taken over the Bellagio and start making demands, the U.S. government gets involved, in the only way it does, by sending in the Air Force.  As the Bleeding Monk says: No war truly ends…. And this one sets up the future of the Valiant universe quite nicely. Check out the Hairsine Variant!



Red Sonja #1 Dynamite Entertainment w. Gail Simone a. Walter Geovani  $3.99

Why?: Honestly I don’t know why. The Nicola Scott cover just grabbed my eye. Never read a Red Sonja comic before and saw Gail Simone was writing it and said hey, why not? I’m glad I did.  A quick but action packed read, Simone blends a Game of Thrones like atmosphere with just enough humor to keep the bleakness at bay. The art by Geovani conveys both perfectly, and his panel arrangements during action scenes are frenetic and fun to watch play our. I might keep this one going for a bit..

Last Weeks Surprise Pick:


Daredevil # 28 Marvel Comics

w. Mark Waid a.  Javier Rodriguez $2.99

Why?:  Waid’s run on Daredevil has been career highlighting to say the least, and this issue is fine example of how a creator can add a lot to books past and present without being a super cataclysmic black bagged event of the century. When a childhood bully named Nate( the one who tagged him with the nickname Daredevil ) comes to Matt Murdock’s office for help, Matt’s initial reaction to toss him out is changed by hearing Nate’s side of the events, and with the help of his super senses DD realizes he is telling the truth and gives him a chance.  Helping Nate defend himself in court takes a nasty turn as do most trials Matt’s involved in, except this one comes from the other side of the bench. Check this out, and then go get the back issues or trades. ( Support your LCS dammit! )

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