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Nematode Records Presents “Those Shadow People” Album and Comic


It’s a type of project I’d never seen before, a virtual band formed by musicians from all across the United States. Making music about the themes of “The Shadow Realm”, collaborating across huge distances. With over twenty tracks in their catalog their first release is a 7″ vinyl single/b-side packaged with the first issue of Those Shadow People #001.

They classify the music as folktronica, beat-centric group (conscious hip-hop?), it’s not really a style I’m familiar with but it sounds very smooth, very intricate and very well produced.

As for the comic, here’s the pitch from writer Phil Buck:

“(Those Shadow People #1) gives us our first glimpse into “the shadow realm” through the eyes of Sarah Saber. Sarah’s father is a physicist researching dark matter and dark energy. When he turns up missing, Sarah goes in search of him and gets attacked by minions from “the shadow realm.” As Sarah begins to find answers to what happened to her father, she also stumbles upon bigger questions about the nature of our universe.”

The book is done in a square format for packaging with the album and the digital version I read was really cool. It’s a black and white book, the style has a cool penciled look that never gets that heavy inked feel…

Let’s take a closer look at that art shall we?

The layouts are smooth, the art is clean and well defined, the story is interesting and looks like it could have some legs. As a comic I give it a three out of five. As a new way to market and merge music and comics? Five out of Five.

And guess what? If you go to the site, and do a little digging you can see the comic and hear some of the music as well!

Hey if you do go to the above site and click around be sure to come back and visit the record company’s site as well ( For $12 for the 7″ and the comic it’s a steal for both the record collector and a comic collector.

Here, check out one of the tunes

Those Shadow People #001
Written by Phil Buck
Illustrated by Erik Turner
Published by Four Frogs Media,
in conjunction with Nematode Records
Learn more at

Don’t forget to check out Nematode Records on:
Twitter @NematodeRecords

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