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Thor is Coming! Do you hear the Thunder?


I never really got into Thor. Other than an early encounter with the God of Thunder in the 1988 made-for-television movie, “The Incredible Hulk Returns”, I never read the comic books or the Norse mythology. It wasn’t until a Marvel Studio’s production came out in May 2011, that I started to listen for the thunder. And it wasn’t until a Marvel NOW publication that I started to enjoy a good lightening show. And, it wasn’t until this past week, that I realized just how much I cared, with the release of “Thor: God of Thunder” issue 25 – the “God-Sized Final Issue!”

I wasn’t planning on seeing “Thor” when it released three years ago. Upon hearing about how fantastic a movie it was from all my friends, co-workers, and strangers I realized I was most likely missing out on something special. So it was on one quiet afternoon in June that my mother and I went to see the Kenneth Branagh directed epic. And, just as I was suspecting, I had almost certainly missed out on one of the best Marvel movies to date. My mom and I loved “Thor”, and his brother “Loki”, and the magic of a film that will always be in my top ten.  Just as writer, Mark Protosevich, said, “Thor” was a “superhero origin story, but not one about a human gaining super powers, but of a god realizing his true potential. It’s the story of an Old Testament god who becomes a New Testament god.” I, along with the numerous other theater goers who helped contribute to its $449.3 million box-office gross, were in love with the romanticized world of Asgard, the amazing bifrost, and the story of a god, who becomes a man, to become a god.

Thor is Coming! Do you hear the Thunder?

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Starting in November of 2012, with the Marvel NOW initiative, re-branding all of their titles with #1, and featuring all new creative teams, this provided me with the perfect opportunity to start reading Marvel on a monthly basis. And Lo!  It was MARVELous! (somewhere Stan Lee is smiling.) It was Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic’s pairing that really helped the book stand out. It was the story, set over a millennium and featured Thor, King Thor, and Young Thor that spoke to me.  For quite some time, I was facing the existential question of “Who am I? What is my place in the universe? What will be my legacy?” that not even Superman was helping me find answers to. If anything, I was growing more disheartened with the fact that Superman would outlive me, all my comics, collectibles, and small monument to the Man of Steel would outlive all of us. He would continue going, yet I would grow older and farther away from the grandfather of all super heroes. Okay, forgive me if I’m sounding too much like a Lex Luthor monologue as penned by Grant Morrison. But it was in Thor, that I felt most comfortable, safe, and proud. Hear is a god, he’ll be around longer than any of us, yet one day he will grow old, and “drink, fight, and make [his]ancestors proud” for one last time. He will never give up, and he will always stand by his friends. Thor, written by Jason Aaron, transcended just another Marvel comic book. It became that of legend. That, of which, the spirit of great Norse mythology lives on.

It is with pleasure and excitement that I read “Thor: God of Thunder” #25. Even though it is the final issue, and the last of Thor Odinson, I am quite content with how this story ends. While composed of three mini stories, all set to tell the same epic of Thor’s ultimate battle with Malekith, King of the Dark Elves, I wish there was even more. But “The 13th Son Of A 13th Son” (illustrated by RM Guera), “Blood and Ice” (painted by Simon Bisley), and “Unworthy” (by series regular, Esad Ribic) perfectly live up to the “God-Sized Final Issue” mantle this Marvel book has been branded with. If I were to rate this, it wouldn’t be appropriate to simply say it is five out of five space monkeys. I’d most certainly have to rate this five out of five thunder strikes from Mjolnir!

Thor is a fantastic character filled with heart. While he is most certainly brash and arrogant (at times) he is also wise, heroic, and a God! He has let me rest comfortably with my comic book and collectibles, and the idea that one day I will grow old. Thor Odinson has reminded me what it means to be human and that with a pure heart, and a wink in one’s eye, maybe I too, if I be worthy, shall posses the power!

When they release “Thor” #1 next month it will most certainly already on my pull list. And will excitedly be read, and reviewed, for your pleasure, hear on What’cha Reading.

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Thor #1
Writer: Aaron, Jason
Artist: Dauterman, Russell
Cover Artist: Dauterman, Russell
On Sale: October 01, 2014
Publisher: Marvel
Diamond Id: AUG140777
Price: $3.99
UPC: 75960608116500111

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