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Thor #2 Review! – Oh, Hel Yes!


As usual a quick note about spoilers, this review contains some. So please if you’re spoiler-phobic turn back now. – Chuck, Editor Monkey

Thor #2 Review! - Oh, Hel Yes!

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Lo!  And on this day, make mine Marvel!

As a longtime reader of comic books, DC has always led the way when it comes to what I pull.  Other than watching the MCU and obsessing over each tidbit released in regards to “Age of Ultron” and “Ant-Man”, I don’t really read too many of their books. Other than “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Thor”,  I haven’t bothered with much else. With that said, I’ve been massively enjoying the “God of Thunder” series and have been very excited with what they’ve been doing in “Thor” recently. Today saw the release of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman’s second issue of “Thor” and with this, I boldly cry, MAKE MINE MARVEL!

The second issue of “Thor” opens up immediately after the close of its inaugural issue. Thor Odinson, the God of Thunder, is down for the count. Last we saw of him, his arm was brutally lopped off during a conflict with Malekith and frost giants. As the first page in #2 states “things look bleak.” But just as one God falls, having lost his worthiness to possess the hammer of Mjolnir and defeated at the hands of an evil elf sorcerer, another rises. Back on the moon, an enigmatic figure, lifts the enchanted hammer and “finds herself transformed into the all-new Goddess of Thunder!” As she, let’s start calling her Thor (she deserves the proper respect) is learning to fly, swing, and wield the power of the God of Thunder, she is brought to Midgard. Specifically somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, she finds a dwelling filled with frozen Avengers. That of Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, and what looks to be Steve Rogers Cap are frozen solid after an unexplained incident with the Jotunns. Immediately the frost giants confront the “little firefly” and an all-out brawl ensues.  “Stronger than she looks”, Thor defeats all the frost giants and the action then changes to Roxxon Island.

Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman are clearly having fun with this book. As great as Aaron’s redefining take on “Thor” was with his “God of Thunder” run, it’s hard to find another writer to compare Aaron with in that he is like no other.  Switching from the mythological, viking heavy, classic meets modern storytelling on “God of Thunder”, here he employs an almost fresh take on Stan Lee at his best.  If not better, the writing is never hokey or cheesy; it’s fresh, real, and exciting.  The real spotlight is the internal dialogue Aaron writes for Thor.  We finally get a taste for who she is and are reminded with every bubble that this is her book!  And by switching her running from shock and excitement “I just flew through space”, “Oh, Hel Yes!” (possibly the best moment of the book), to moments more befitting a god Aaron reveals that there is a dynamic difference in personalities between “the one worthy” and “God of Thunder”. This take harkens back to Lee’s Donald Blake becoming Thor, “Thor” #2 feels like a Marvel book should. It’s something fun, adventurous, imaginative, and packed with tales of suspense!

Russell Dauterman’s art in this new Thor brings to life a sentiment that I’ve shared many times in conversations with others. It’s how a comic book should look. There’s such a fun spirit to the look of “Thor” #2, somewhat missing from #1 which focused on Odinson, that makes this a Marvel book. More specifically, a Marvel NOW title. Dauterman, realms apart from Esad Ribic’s style, is exactly what this book needs. Every panel, especially those that contain Thor, is the prime example of what every other comic book is missing. It’s an invitation to a journey. A welcoming invite to a fantastical universe where you care about your hero, cheer for her at each heroic blow to a frost giant, fear for her as she ascends a perilous stairway, and wonder what’s next for her as she loses the hammer mid-fight with more frost giants. This Thor is everything that a superhero should be, and everything that Wonder Woman needs to be!  She’s tough, brave, strong, and has a heart big enough to inspire! Dauterman’s depiction of this mysterious woman, blessed with the qualities Mjolnir deems worthy enough to possess the power, brings to mind the sensibilities Chris Samnee (Daredevil) brought to the short-lived but beloved mini-series, “Thor: The Mighty Avenger.”  There is a real magic found within the pages of “Thor” #2, thanks to Russell Dauterman’s art work.

“Thor” #2 IS the real kick-off issue to this exciting new series. While issue #1 was very much a prologue and final sendoff for Thor Odinson, issue #2 is very much the premiere issue for this new Thor. It’s a title recommended for those that enjoy good storytelling, beautiful art, and something fresh to add to their pull list. Aaron and Dauterman’s work on “Thor” makes me wish I was worthy.  It makes me want to be Thor! Not Chris Hemsworth, not Odinson, but Thor! I want to be her! And after reading this book, I think you’ll want to be her, too!

“Thor” #2 gets Five very large rumblings of THUNDER!

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