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Thom Zahler’s Haunted #1 – Gets 5 out of 5 Stars!


Thom Zahler's Haunted #1 - Gets 5 out of 5 Stars!

A number of years ago I was wandering Artist Alley, as I am wont to do at New York Comic Con and I ran across a series I hadn’t heard of before, Love and Capes. It was a light-hearted take on superhero/average person romance. The writer and artist, Thom Zahler and I chatted for a while and I went home with the graphic novel. Every year I look for him to buy the latest installment. It’s become one of my favorite titles. When I saw his new book, Haunted, was debuting on Comixology today I had to check it out.

Haunted is the story of a man literally haunted by the memory of his ex-girlfriend. Fairly new to LA, he’s attempting to make a new life for himself and move on from the failed relationship. She appears to him after a date. It seems he has unresolved feelings and she’s there to help him deal with that.

Haunted was fun. How many times have you wished to just have one more conversation with someone, even if just for closure’s sake? Granted he’s really talking to himself but in the end that’s really the only person that matters when it comes right down to it. The art was Zahler’s usual cartoonish style which I adore. The colors were simple and shaded in a very pleasant way. It’s a one shot, which is nice because this is just one moment in this man’s life but it’s so familiar and universal.

Haunted01 Haunted02 Haunted03

I dug into this a little and discovered its history, Zahler wrote and drew it at a mall, for an audience on Twenty-Four Hour Comics Day a few years back. 24 Hour Comics Day challenges artists to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. This was Thom Zahler’s result. If you want to hear more about how he did it, he writes about it on his blog. The comic is available for free there but is well worth the 99 cents to get the more polished digital version.

I’m giving Haunted 5 out of 5 stars for its simplicity and straightforward feel good story.

Buy it at now at ComiXology.

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