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This Wednesday “IT Came!” Invades A Comic Shop Near You!


We’ve been talking about this book for what seems like forever, classic sci-fi, radio drama style, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

IT CAME! Cover

So was it as good as I hoped it was? Yes. But not necessarily in the way I expected.

I was completely prepared for a kitschy 50’s sci-fi movie in a Day The Earth Stood Still or Forbidden Planet and it has that esthetic, the boisterous misogynist English scientist Dr Boy Brett, the slightly dippy overly feminine female lead Doris Night, and the monster (or in the case robot). But along all that we’re given “intermissions” that feature 1950’s parody advertisements. At first I groaned, even a cheesy movie is better uninterrupted (unless it’s Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow T Robot interrupting it!) but when the second one popped up I realized I was into it. Then there are the character bios, IMDB style pages featuring the actors “careers” and such. Again at first not really my thing, I like keeping my suspension of disbelief intact, but done so well with such detail you just can’t dislike it.

I was pretty sure I was going to like this one when I first heard about it. I’m glad I was right! The book ends too soon but the next issue is only a few weeks away. If you’re looking for a fun cheesy romp, in the spirit of the classic sci-fi drama pick up “It Came!” from your local shop.

I give it 4 out of 5 Rampaging Robots (wish it was a bit longer!)

Writer/Artist: Dan Boultwood
Issue Number: 1 (of 4)
Page Count: 32pp
Publisher: Titan Comics
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 14, 2013

Witness a very British invasion!

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will love this hilarious B-movie romp, a knowing throwback to the heyday of low-budget SF cinema – in comic book form!

In IT CAME!, ‘director’ Dan Boultwood has unearthed a lost classic from the forgotten Pinetree Studios.

An enormous alien robot lays waste to the English countryside, annihilating bunting, villages and diagonally-sliced sandwiches alike! Only the pipe-chomping space scientist Dr. Boy Brett and his assistant Doris Night (a lady) stand a chance of stopping it from marching all the way to London – but can they possibly escape the grasp of GRURK and get the might of the British Army on their side?!

Keep your upper lips stiff, your ties immaculately knotted, and your notions of gender equality dialled back sixty years – for the sake of the planet!

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I was pretty sure

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