There's a Star Mage and He's Needed... In Space! Check Out Our Exclusive Preview! ~ What'cha Reading?

There’s a Star Mage and He’s Needed… In Space! Check Out Our Exclusive Preview!


There's a Star Mage and He's Needed... In Space!

There’s a Star Mage and He’s Needed… In Space!

In issue one, Darien Connors discovers he’s not from Earth, has strange magical powers and is the key in an ancient war between two alien races of necromancers.

Darien is a normal nerd, not a jock, not cool, not good with the ladies. But just when things seem to be at their worst he’s called to fight in his ancestral war… In Space!

I was fourteen when The Last Starfighter came out. I remember being completely taken by the idea, the chosen one, the one to save them all. Star Mage takes a slightly different path, this isn’t hard sci-fi, Darien isn’t Flash Gordon, armed with a blaster or Luke’s lightsaber, he’s a Star Mage. Seems he has some powers that he’s going to have to learn how to handle, and learn fast!

So we here at What’cha Reading have been lucky enough to receive a go ahead to post a Five Page Preview! Enjoy!


StarMage1-01 StarMage1-02

StarMage1-03 StarMage1-04 StarMage1-05

JC De La Torre, author of the critically acclaimed novel Ancient Rising, has given us a melding of genres, cool sci-fi ships and the promise of magical powers (glimpsed in the first few pages of issue #1).

Ray Dillon has a very clean style, his intense scenes tend to lack background details, instead focusing in on the emotion and expressions. But when he draws a background, it’s lush, rich and detailed (just take another look at the first page).

I think this book will appeal to a broad range of fans, I can’t find an age rating but I’d put it right in the tween and up (12 and up) spot.

It’s a fun first issue, I’m interested to see how the story plays out… In Space!

Star Mage hits the stands this April, use the Diamond id below to pre-order from your local comic shop…

Star Mage #1 (of 6)
Writer: Torre, JC De La
Artist: Dillon, Ray
Cover Artist: Dillon, Ray
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400629200111
On Sale April 23, 2014
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: FEB140444

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