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The What’cha Reading Family Continues to Grow!


We’ve got a really cool staff here at the site, we’ve all known each other for different amounts of time, ran in overlapping social circles but are slowly becoming a pretty damn close-knit family. So when one of us has good news it tends to lift us all. And when that good news comes in really geeky packaging well then I just have to share it with all of you!

Robert Lazauskas reviewer, writer of the weekly “Threat Level Wednesday!column, champion of Valiant, Captain America, and Geoff Johns, the man who regularly declares “Comics are supposed to be fun to read above all else!” sent me an amazing email tonight.

He proposed to his girlfriend tonight, the girlfriend that recommends those comics he writes about in his Comics my Girlfriend Makes Me Read articles! He did it on their anniversary, in the comic shop where they met and she works (Royal Collectibles), on a New Comic Wednesday! I don’t think it get’s much nerdier than that, unless it was a Green Lantern Power Ring he presented her with?

I couldn’t be happier for them, they’re both great kids and I and all of us here at What’cha Reading wish them all the luck, love, and happiness in the world!

Congratulations Diane and Bob!

Oh No! Does this mean he’s going to try to start his own Green Lantern Corps?

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