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The Trip – An Original Graphic Novel from Action Lab: Danger Zone



Way back in April of 2012 a kickstarter I had backed “Bleeding Ink Productions – Sensory Distortion” made its funding goal! I was ecstatic! This was a scary, trippy, psychedelic horror story and I loved it. December of that same year we, the backers, got another great update! Action Lab’s new mature readers line “Danger Zone!” had picked up the comic for distribution! The title’s been changed to “The Trip” and it will be in stores this May!

Rather than repost my whole original review here I’ll give you an excerpt and a link to the rest. I re-read the book when I received the new review copy and I stand by everything I said in the original…

“This is 92 pages of tense page-turning suspense, action, and horror. I’ve been reading a lot of horror comics lately. Titles from Image (No Place Like Home), and Dark Horse (Alabaster Wolves) to name a few. This book goes toe to toe with those titles and more than a few others. It plays out like a good horror movie, giving us a build up that pays off with some really freaky violent craziness at the end.” read the rest here.

Don’t need to read anymore? Ready to pre-order yours today? Of course you are! Here are the deets…

The Trip
Writer: Grillo, Jesse
Artist: Brame, David
Cover Artist: Brame, David
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 978098596525951295
On Sale: May 29, 2013
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment
Diamond Id: MAR130764

See that Diamond ID number above? Get that to your local comic shop so they can order you one! Use comixology’s pull list feature? Follow this link to The Trip on!

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