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The Timony Brothers and Monkey Brain present “DETECTOBOT!”



In 2007 DC Comics created an imprint called Zuda comics, it focused on a contest driven website where readers voted on whether the submitted comics were to continue. I was heavily into Zuda. DC made some really great claims about how this was a great way for unknowns and newbies to get there work out to the public and how vested DC was in running this contest/imprint in a responsible way for the fan and creator alike. Well like most things of this nature it got messy. By the time it ended in 2010 there were a lot of hurt feelings and a lot of broken promises.

Some great stuff came out of that site though, High Moon, Celadore, Bayou, Black Cherry Bombshells, and Night Owls to name but a few. There were probably many more great comics to come out of that site but those were by far my favorite. The creators of Night Owls, the Timony brothers, have once again returned to comics to grace us with their talent and wit!

Detectobot #0 (written by Peter and drawn by Bobby) is a free prologue that sets up the story of our hero (?) Detectobot. Designed as the greatest detective the world has ever seen, Detecto’s paranoid creator made him for one specific purpose. To solve the mad doctor’s murder. When and if it happens?!?

Here are a few pages, for your perusal…

Detectobot_00-2  Detectobot_00-3

Detectobot_00-4  Detectobot_00-5

When news of this new series reached me I went looking for contact info for the Timony brothers, I figured hey let’s see if they have anything to add. I reached out to Bobby Timony whose path I had crossed once or twice at comic conventions. Here’s what he had to say about Detectobot:

“I really think people are going to like Detectobot. On the shallowest surface, it’s a story about a robot detective (obviously), which is a pretty cool concept by itself, but what I really think will grab people are the characters and what motivates them. There are some themes at play here that I think will really resonate with a lot of people. Also, who doesn’t love a cute copper plated gentleman robot?”

Having noticed the 12+ age rating on the book I asked the brothers what made it a tween level read, Peter was nice enough to give us some insight…

Detectobot got its 12+ rating, because despite the fact that much of it is light-hearted and fun, it does deal with some mature themes. Things like death, murder and insanity, and it is also about identity. It’s about Detectobot trying to solve a murder, but also about him learning about himself. How much of his behavior is programming and how much is something else?

DETECTOBOT is being released as a 12 page monthly selling for just $1! Did I mention the prologue is free? Click on the link below and go check it out!

By: Peter Timony and Bobby Timony
Price: FREE
Ages: 12+
Release Date: July 18, 2013
Direct link to purchase:

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