The Stuff of Legend comes to life! Sort of... ~ What'cha Reading?

The Stuff of Legend comes to life! Sort of…


If you’re a fan of The Stuff of Legend, written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith and illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III, you already know just how amazing it is. For those who have yet to be indoctrinated here’s gist:

During WWII in Brooklyn NY a boy goes missing. Only his favorite toys know what has happened. Snatched by a nightmarish Boogeyman he’s been spirited away to the realm of “The Dark” his only hope is those toys, led by the toy soldier known as The Colonel, to save him. The Dark is a bleak world populated by forgotten toys of all types suffering under the heel of The Boogeyman. But the boy’s toys love him and they’re going to fulfill there quest to save him, no matter what the cost.

It’s a tale of camaraderie, betrayal, loss, heroism, all played out on a fantastic stage, a world full of characters great and small, heroic and dastardly. This is a book you need to read. To jump in go to your local comic shop, or to

But if you’ve already experienced this wonderful story then you have to check this out.

Max the bear is available from Skelton Crew Studio!

The Stuff of Legend comes to life! Sort of...

Max the Bear

Max from “The Stuff of Legend,” is limited run based on pre-orders. Orders placed by Sept. 27 come with a tag signed by series illustrator Charles P Wilson. Max should ship in time for Christmas, and he’s adorable!

You’ll find him here:

This officially licensed replica measures approx. 16.5-inches tall from ear to toe. Max is amazingly soft with a tied red-and-black bow and a weighed bum perfect for sitting. The limited edition collectible will be hand-numbered with the run size based on pre-orders. The pre-order window runs through Oct. 17.

This is a spot-on replica, Skelton Crew has outdone themselves in bringing him to life. I want to buy him and place him on a shelf in my son’s room, you know just in case there’s a need to mount a rescue in “The Dark.”

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