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The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies – wait what?!?


That’s the title of a five issue mini series, created by Wahab Algarmi, which at first glance might be written off as a simple pastiche of Moore’s “Extraordinary Gentleman” but it’s really so much more.

The date is April 1986 and as soon as the story begins we’re thrust into a terrorist plot. A group of Afghan Freedom Fighters are going to detonate a nuke at Chernobyl and agents are dispatched to stop it. But not just any agents. Blair, Jo, Tootie, and Natalie are Edna Garret’s best. Can they stop these maniacs before they turn the cold war hot?

Stop laughing! No, stop! Really, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Wahab took these characters that we all know (and pretend not to love) and made this story work. I mean sure it’s still four teenage girls sent to foil a terrorist plot, but is that any harder to believe than any five comics you’d buy on Wednesday? I didn’t think so. Well he didn’t stop there. The 80’s references (and characters) abound and they’re done really well. I didn’t see them coming and laughed at everyone I caught. Along with the jokes Mr Algarmi has the girls involved in the hotspots of the era; Chernobyl, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Night Court…..

With art by Joel Sigua and D.Y. and Jayce G. Wah each issue is varied and wonderful with a style all its own. The addition of covers by Jeremy Natividad and Sherwin Viray are impressive to say the least. Here’s a page from issue one (completely out of context but I know you’ll forgive me).

So what have we got? A well researched, well written, funny, action packed five issue mini that uses some of our favorite characters from 80’s television in a way I know I’d never thought of before. With art that complements the writing and keeps the reader turning the pages issue after issue.

So I know you’re all saying, do I call my local comic shop? How much will I have to pay? Where do I find this crazy one of a kind comic experience? That’s just it friends, while the book was published under the “Sturdy Comics” imprint all five issues plus two fantastic short stories now reside at this site Go and read them, tell people with a sense of humor to go read them. Tell people who need a sense of humor to go read them! While I’ll admit I’d much rather have them in print (we know I have a thing about that) the website is the next best thing. It’s a shame the guys from Action Lab or 215 ink haven’t picked this series up for publication. Maybe someone should suggest it?

If all that didn’t sell you, here’s the cover of issue two. Anyone care to hazard a guess who these characters might be?

Go to, read the books. I know you’ll enjoy them. Then shoot Wahab a message, ask him when the next chapter is coming out….

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