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The Sea in You… A Captivating Webcomic


This is not your “Little Mermaid”, The Sea in You is a webcomic I found the other day while looking through twitter feeds. A link sent me to a tumblr page where comic book artist and writer Jessi Sheron hosts the series (she also posts it on Taptastic, links to follow.)

The Sea in You... A Captivating Webcomic

© 2015 Jessi Sheron


© 2015 Jessi Sheron

It’s only 13 pages, at this point, but it’s a well written beautifully drawn 13 pages. Corinth was just walking along, cleaning the beach, when she meets a mermaid. It’s a meeting she’s lucky to survive. I have no idea where Jessi is taking the story after that first meeting but her art and storytelling are spot on, so I know I’ll hang around to find out. (Just check out the layout, composition, and colors in the page posted here.) One of the standouts of the series, though it makes a very brief appearance, is the boardwalk. Jessi has mentioned in comments that it’s based on her hometown of Ocean City, Maryland (which I visited about a thousand years ago) but it was so very reminiscent of Wildwood, Cape May, Asbury Park, it really gave me a great nostalgic feeling. I hope we see more of the town as the story continues.

I’m giving The Sea in You a 4 out of 5 and putting Jessi Sheron in the artists to watch category. Go check out this comic and let me know what you think.

You can find The Sea in You on Jessi’s tumblr or on Tapastic. Check out more of her work here You can also head over to twitter and tell her how great her comic is @JessiSheron

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