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The Purple Heart – A Gripping Story


The Purple Heart – A Gripping Story, That May Overwhelm You…

I enjoy a web-comic now and then, I used to read a ton of them but it became… ungainly to navigate all the different website, remember the schedules, and even remember to go read them! But with the advent of sites like taptastic and it’s become A LOT easier to keep up with great comics. That’s where I found The Purple Heart.

The Purple HeartVito Delsante, known for writing such titles as BATMAN ADVENTURES, X-MEN UNLIMITED, and SCOOBY DOO, takes on the heart-breaking situation that can arise when a soldier returns home from war. From the moment we meet Zeke we know he’s not ready to be back in the world. Flashbacks and anxiety plague him, coming in waves on a subway train out of Times Square. Anyone who has ever had a panic attack will realize immediately that Vito either totally knows the feeling or did some awesome research.

But Zeke don’t freak,

And that’s where we see the depth of the character, this wounded in action frogman, who has seen countless horrors and atrocities is confronted by protesters. They single him out on the train, berating him laying all the blame at his feet. Zeke has every right to lose it and beat someone into the ground. For reasons yet unclear he holds it in and luckily a bystander steps in and defuses the situation. But we’ve seen him in action, we know he can handle himself.

The Purple HeartThe Hero Emerges…

This is when we start to see the potential for a super hero comic. We already know Zeke is a hero, we’ve seen him face the horrors of war and come out with his humanity intact. The very first pages give us a hint, something major is going to happen and the results will be huge.

A word about the art…

The intense realism of this comic may actually put some off. The scenes of war are not overly graphic but they are disturbing. I found it refreshing that an artist has not only the talent but also the guts to portray this stuff on the page. I can’t wait until the series kicks and we see what illustrator Ricardo Venâncio can pull off when he’s drawing super heroes.

The Purple Heart updates every Wednesday at Here’s the synopsis,

“When Brooklyn separated from New York City, it caused havoc on a massive scale. Now, one year later, a mysterious purple figure engulfed in flames has appeared. Who is the Purple Heart and what does his arrival mean for the future of Brooklyn?”

On a side note, this story takes place in the same Brooklyn as Dean Haspiel’s Red Hook (also on, so I’m looking forward to some cool super hero crossover action maybe?

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