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“The Perhapanauts Into Hollow Earth” Needs You!


It’s true “The Perhapanauts Into Hollow Earth” needs you in order to become a reality but before we get to that there’s some things you should know. Todd & Craig are crazy. There’s no denying that.

But if you go beyond the crazy, and it is a long way to go but if you go beyond the crazy, you’ll find two creators who’ve been bringing us great stories for years. I’ve personally given positive reviews of several of their books and even their audio comic and more than that The Perhapanauts have a perpetual spot on my pull list. The Perhapanauts are some of the best crypotzoological sci-fi fantasy supernatural comics I’ve ever read.

Working for the top secret government agency BEDLAM the blue team (our guys) consist of; Arisa, group leader and psychic, uber intelligent Sasquatch known as “Big”, a young woman named Molly (who just happens to be a ghost), MG a mysterious being who appears human but has the power to travel between dimensions, and everybody’s favorite chupacabra Choopie. They investigate the strange, the weird, the unexplained, from the Jersey Devil to the Bermuda Triangle.


I know it’s another kickstarter but with the track record and experience these two bring to the table, writing by Todd (Impulse, Tellos, Sensational Spider-man) Dezago with art and colors by Craig (Impulse, Batman Beyond, Iron Man: Armor Wars) Rousseau, this is a pre-order in every sense of the word.

Get on board and order yours today, click the link, The Perhapanauts – Into the Hollow Earth.


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