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The Only Living Boy Hits a New High!


Oh man! Are you reading this series?

The Only Living Boy Hits a New High!THE ONLY LIVING BOY is the story of Erik Farrell, a 12-year-old boy who runs away from home who awake to find himself with no memory, stranded on a weird patchwork planet filled with dangerous creatures. Nominated for three Harvey Awards, this story was a favorite of mine since issue 1. I loved the concept, lost boy on a strange world, coming to terms with his fears, learning to trust himself, and growing up. And the series delivered, every issue is a perfect example of the classic boy’s adventure novel. We spend every page waiting for the cliff-hanger knowing full well we’re being led right to it as we read.

I picked up issue 4 at NYCC this year from David and Steve and it wound up languishing in a pile of books I was trying to get to. Then I read it. HOLY MOLEY these guys can tell a story. The past three issues have dealt with Erik wandering around this patchwork world of danger and beauty making friends and enemies. Fantastic creatures and wonderful settings have made the last 134 pages of story a treat and Erik is a wonderful main character surrounded by an interesting and well-rounded supporting cast. So when I picked up issue 4 I was comfortably prepared for more adventure but by the end of the issue I was absolutely blown away. This is one of those books that no matter what direction the story goes from here the journey to this moment has been totally worth it.

So if you haven’t been reading this series stop what you’re doing and either get to and catch up (and my suggestion would be to start at the beginning) or head to amazon, comixology, wherever you buy comics and buy this series now.

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