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The Murder of Charlotte Braun!


by Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

On November 30th, 1954, a character by the name of Charlotte Braun made her debut in the panels of the Peanuts.

She was a Loud, brash and overtly opinionated counter part to Charlie Brown. “Good Old” Charlotte Braun quickly annoyed every single fan of the strip, so on February 1st, 1955 after only making 10 brief appearances. she graced the comic strip stage in a storyline for the last time.


45 years later, following the death of Charles Schulz, a woman named Elizabeth Swaim donated to the United States Library of Congress the following letter, written to her by Schulz in response to a complaint she had made about Braun just a month before the character’s final appearance.

In the letter, Schulz agrees to kill her off, reminding Swaim that she will be responsible for the character’s death, and then signs off with a picture of Braun with an axe to the head.

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