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The Maxx #1 – Remastered! Look At These Pages!



IDW has fulfilled a dream I never knew I had. Sam Kieth’s the Maxx has been remastered!

Now, before we start screaming George Lucas! and Han Shot First!

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Sam has only remastered the colors bringing the comic to modern standard. And all I can say is, thank you.

TM1-00  TM1-01

TM1-02 TM1-03 TM1-04

TM1-05 TM1-06 TM1-07

Even though I have read this series from cover to cover, it’s as if I am seeing things for the first time and in high-definition. The Maxx, as a comic book, has stood the test of time and I am hoping that IDW can bring new fans to this series. Sam has stated that he will not come back and finish the series but will just fix the colors and maybe do some alternate art for the covers.

The Maxx is a 5/5 and a must buy. If you missed out on this series back in the 90’s, this is your chance to get it all.

Maxx Maxximized #1
Writer: Kieth, Sam
Artist: Kieth, Sam
Cover Artist: Kieth, Sam

Sam Kieth has long been renowned for his stunning artistry and insightful and quirky stories. Now, IDW is proud to present a re-mastered edition (complete with new scans of all Maxx pages from the original art) with revised coloring, all overseen by Kieth. The Maxx tells the story of a homeless person who lives in a box and moves back and forth between our reality and ‘The Outback,’ a heroic fantasy realm. He is aided and accompanied by Julie Winters, a social worker in our world and a beautiful jungle princess in The Outback.

Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400529500111
On Sale: November 27, 2013
Publisher: IDW
Diamond Id: SEP130352

*And Hey! Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming article from Rob Base on the history of Sam Kieth and the creation of the Maxx… – Chuck, your friendly editor monkey*

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