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The Lunch Witch Returns! Papercutz Announces Three New Volumes!


The Lunch Witch Returns! Papercutz Announces Three New Volumes!Papercutz continues to be a company that not only takes risks bringing us new and interesting books and talent but sticks with their creators to bring their visions to life. Today they announced a three volume deal with Lunch Witch author Deb Lucke to bring more Gunhilda to readers everywhere.

“THE LUNCH WITCH has been one of the highlights of our 2015 list and a cornerstone of our OGN program”, explained Terry Nantier (President of Papercutz) “After launching the series so successfully, we simply couldn’t envision Grunhilda (or Deb) at another publishing house. Besides, I’m still trying to perfect her recipe for engorged tick scones. Hopefully, the old hag (and I mean that affectionately) will give me a few pointers!”

It’s great to see a company stick with an author (and property) and it’s nice to know Deb is excited too!

“I’m grateful to them for the support and creative freedom I got from Papercutz on my first graphic novel,” noted Lucke. “ And I’m delighted that we’ll continue to work together to bring Grunhilda’s bad attitude to eager young readers. It’s great to be able to plot the next few years of her (and my) life.”

The first volume has done incredibly well, garnering high praise from readers and critics, including our own Rosemary Kiladitas (The Lunch Witch – Respect your lunch ladies, kids! Feb 3rd 2015), where she remarked “There is some great, delightfully morbid humor in this book… I’d love to see some more Lunch Witch adventures! In the meantime, give this book to your younger readers, and get ready for some laughs when they start looking at the lunch lady differently.” So stay tuned for news on the newest Lunch Witch volume as it breaks and be sure to check out Grunhilda on social media, she has a Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr pages and she’s recently launched her own website –

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