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the longbox project – A Memory Project For Comic Geeks


Recently I was introduced to a great website, a site full of stories about the thing we all love!

Their mission statement:

THE LONGBOX PROJECT IS A MEMORY PROJECT for comic geeks.  True to our passion, we rely on comic books as our inspiration and point of departure. Our goal: to create the most comprehensive anthology of collector-focused memoirs anywhere on the web.

So what does that mean? Well let me give you the impressions I got from reading the site.

The Longbox Project is a beautiful website that showcases essays written by you, us, umm them? Essays written by comic book geeks, collectors, enthusiasts, pick your label. Each piece revolves around a simple question “Why is this comic important to you?” What follows that prompt tends towards engaging walks through fellow comic fans memories of their favorite, important, or sometimes life changing books. For some it’s their first comic, for others it’s the one that got away. Every story I read had something I enjoyed and more than one or two anecdotes I could relate to.

So where do these stories come from, you may ask? Well let me tell you. As I said at the beginning the stories come from us. Yup, you and me, yes even you back there looking incredulous. There’s a wonderful submissions page that outlines the (very simple) process.

Along with the collectors articles the site also boasts some amazing creator interviews conducted by the site’s mastermind Max Delgado (as well as others). I loved his interviews, this man is insightful and doesn’t let anyone off easy.

Max’s aim is to build a huge site full of writings about how much we all love comics. And it’s a dream he not only wants to share, he wants you to help create it. I think he’s got something pretty wonderful going on over there, go check it out.


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