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The Legettes #1 – from Curls Studio


So as you’re all aware I attended a comic convention this past May in Asbury Park. I met so many cool people and saw so much wonderful work. So much in fact that I’m still getting stuff together to show off to all you deserving comic book fans!

The Legettes


I love science fiction, I love comic books, I especially love pulpy sci-fi comic books. I really love sci-fi comics written well enough that I don’t need to delve into long-winded explanations of everything that exists in its universe. When I read a book that takes place in a universe I’ve never been in before I try not to do too much research. I want to kind of go in cold. If a story is good I won’t need everybody’s back-story and the geopolitical background of the universe I’m in. This is more along the lines of how we learn in real life. Nobody opens up your head at birth to pour in all that you’ll need, you don’t even actively learn most of the things you know, most are just absorbed in our day-to-day interactions with the world around us.

The Legettes from Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo is that kind of sci-fi. It’s the story of three female super spies and their handler. The world is definitely different from our own but not so much to make the reader distracted. There’s spaceship style vehicles, robots, weird weapons, creatures. Everything one could want! The story plays out mostly in flashback with the ladies handler Agent MC narrating. We quickly come to realize just how much he cares for our heroines; Morgan, Olivia, and Layla. So when the shit hits the fan and believe me it hits hard, we completely sympathize with his apparent loss. What? Did I say loss? Apparent loss? Just ignore that. No really didn’t mean a thing. We join Agent MC after the dust has settled and he’s trying quite unsuccessfully to get on with his life. Can he put the pieces back together? Are the girls gone? What can he do now that his whole life has turned upside down?

I often knock issue 1’s for being too intro, too exposition -y. That’s not a problem here but still you really feel like you’ve gotten the whole story. Well that is till the cliff-hanger drops in your lap. Joe has written a great story here, his plot and dialogue is great. My only question? Where’s issue two!

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The art was also a pleasant surprise. Carolyn has a biweekly web comic called Curls which has a cute all ages feel to the artwork. The Legettes is presented in a totally different style. The ladies are hot without being ridiculous as you can see from the cover, the violence is strong without going over the top. She’s really got a great style, I really hope issue two comes out and soon! Four out of five.

The Legettes #1: The Show Must Go On
Written by: Joe Carabeo
Illustrated by: Carolyn Belefski
Available: @
Price: $5.00
Format: B&W soft cover 32 pgs

Please take a minute to check out the website these two have their irons in a lot of fires and they keep turning out amazing work.

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