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The Latest on Batman v Superman Funko Products!


Batman v Superman is no longer a story about the Dawn of Justice.  It, for many, has become a story about the Dawn of Funko toys!  Was that too tongue-in-cheek?  Okay, let’s get to it…

January 1st saw the major release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice toys.  One aspect of the merchandising most fans and collectors have been enthusiastically waiting for is the Funko Pop! vinyl figures and Mystery Minis.  Almost everything that Funko releases turns as rare and valuable as kryptonite and so as many flock to their Toys R’ Us, Target, and Walmart stores, here’s what you could expect to find as we grow closer to the March release of Batman v Superman.


Currently only available at Hot Topic (and select ones at that) are the Batman and Superman POP! vinyl figures from Dawn of Justice.  Speculation has the rest of wave one, consisting of six figures, arriving late January.

There will also be a Hot Topic exclusive Aquaman along with an Armored Batman to be released in a second wave.


Announced today (1/6th) are the Batman v Superman Mystery Minis by Funko.  We’re getting one assortment which will consist of twelve mini vinyl figures.  The case breakdown is 12 to a box and 1 of each figure.  If you’re looking to collect all of the mystery minis, just buy the whole box.  You won’t get doubles.  If you’re looking for just Alfred (Jeremy Irons), good luck!

Image via Toyark

The assortment includes the following:

  • Batman
  • Armored Batman
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Knightmare Batman
  • Clark Kent
  • Superman
  • Princess Diana of Themyscira
  • Wonder Woman
  • Alfred
  • Aquaman
  • Superman Soldier

We’re just as excited as all of you for these collectibles and we know they’ve been nearly impossible to find with just about every collector, fan, and scalper out there.  Our recommendation is: Don’t fret!  It’s Batman v Superman.  They’re going to be everywhere soon enough.  While we wouldn’t recommend sleeping on any that you may find legitimately, there shouldn’t be a need to pay top dollar on venues like eBay and Amazon.

Keep checking Hot Topic, Walmart, Target, and Toys R’ Us for more details.  We also recommend following @FunkoTree on Instagram for the latest on all things Funko.

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