History of Horror in Comics Live Event

The History of Horror in Comics – Live Online Streaming Event with John Lees!


If you’ve been reading ComixTribe books, you know John Lees. He’s the guy that gave me nightmares thanks to And Then Emily Was Gone, thank you so much. Well, John knows horror and he knows comics, and he’s going to be giving a live, online streaming talk on The History of Horror in Comics TOMORROW NIGHT – May 28 – at 7 p.m. EDT. Says Lees, who’s given this talk once before in his native Scotland, “I’m a lifelong fan of both comics and horror, and have studied their shared history. The live audience had a blast in Glasgow, and what I learned from the reaction was that people are really interested in learning more about this dark corner of comics culture. I’m excited to reprise the talk for a world-wide audience.”


How can you get in on this? Glad you asked!

The details from ComixTribe: John’s talk will be streamed and hosted live on YouTube with Google Hangouts On-Air on Thursday May 28 at 7pm EST (that’s midnight in Scotland… the witching hour!)

A link to join the online stream will be made available in a private update to all backers of THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection Kickstarter Campaign, which launched yesterday, and is already more than 90% funded.


In the presentation, John will discuss the creation of his cult hit series AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE with Iain Laurie, before going on to look at horror in the comics medium through the decades, from the dark days of the Comics Code Authority to the current exciting boom period for the genre, stopping along the way to pay particular focus to certain significant entries in the horror comics canon.

The presentation will last around 40 minutes, and be followed by a LIVE Q&A session.

If you have any questions about horror, THE STANDARD or AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE, or just want to hear John’s Scottish accent, he will even be sticking around to answer all of your questions.

About The Standard Ultimate Collection Kickstarter


THE STANDARD Ultimate Collection is a deluxe hardcover collected edition of ComixTribe’s critically-acclaimed superhero miniseries THE STANDARD.  It tells the story of Gilbert Graham, world-renowned superhero The Standard in a bygone era, but now an elderly man living a quiet retired life as a high-school chemistry teacher.  But when his former sidekick is brutally murdered, Gilbert is forced to don the mantle of The Standard one last time to find a missing girl his sidekick had promised to rescue before his death, to solve the mystery of his sidekick’s murder, and to inspire a world who has lost sight of what it truly means to be a superhero.

This talk is just the first of a few surprises and bonuses we hope to offer backers throughout the campaign,” John added, “But if you want to know what else we have up our sleeves, you’ll have to back the project to find out!”

The Standard Backer Pledge Levels start at just $1. 

I’ve been a big fan of ComixTribe since I discovered The Red Ten a couple of years ago, and I’ve had the good luck to meet Tyler James from ComixTribe in person. These are a great group of comics fans putting out solid stories and making sure that everything is done with the fans in mind. Check out The Standard Kickstarter, and get in on this talk – you will not be sorry. Good luck, guys!


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