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The Hellboy Timeline!


Dark Horse has released this great image of Hellboy’s history! Click on image to see it full size. The links connect to the Dark Horse Digital site and the collection that story is in.

DECEMBER 23, 1944: Hellboy is summoned to Earth by the Russian
occultist Rasputin, who’s developed the Ragna Rok project with the Nazis.

NOVEMBER 1954: Hellboy meets the Osiris Club, who task him with slaying a dragon to see if he is what they think he is: The Beast of the Apocalypse.

MAY 1959: Hellboy rescues Alice Monaghan from Fairies, and Gruagach, a goblin, subsequently develops a fierce grudge against Hellboy.

MARCH 1964: Hellboy encounters the Russian witch Baba Yaga and shoots out her eye.

MARCH 2, 1979: Hellboy convinces the B.P. R.D. to stop testing on the recently discovered Abe Sapien, leading to Abe joining the Bureau as an agent.

MAY 9, 1994: Professor Bruttenholm, Hellboy’s adoptive father, is killed by a frog-monster (the first encountered by the B.P.R.D.), leading to a showdown with Rasputin and the sorcerer’s death.

MARCH 1997: While pursuing the vampire Giurescu, Hellboy faces the goddess Hecate, who tells him about
his destiny as the Beast of the Apocalypse.

FEBRUARY 2009: After an ill-fated run in with giants, Hellboy is reunited with Alice Monaghan, and the two fall in love.

FEBRUARY 2009: Hellboy discovers that he is the rightful king of Britain.

AUGUST 10, 2011: Hellboy defeats Nimue, selfproclaimed Queen of Witches, now transformed into a dragon, but dies in the battle and descends to Hell.

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