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The Hangman is Our Must Read of the Week!


Image courtesy of Archie Comics. Cover by Felix Ruiz.

Last month we reviewed Dark Circle Comics latest title The Hangman.  The Frank Tieri and Felix Ruiz comic book releases today and not only is it a compelling new series, it’s our must read of the week!  It’s easy to get lost in the weekly releases and this is a fact we’ve brought up time and time again.  Dark Circle Comics is a publisher that if you haven’t already been paying attention to, now is the perfect time to start.  The Hangman “Damned” chapter one is the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your love of comic books and/or finding that must read series to add to your pull list.


Frank Tieri and Felix Ruiz are great additions to the ever-growing list of writers and artists Dark Circle Comics have attracted to their universe of characters.  They’ve created an excellent story revolving around “the stupid urban legend” and “boia” known as The Hangman.  He’s the boogeyman in a very real world Brooklyn and the one person evil needs to fear.  Chances are, if you’ve done something wrong, he’s already tightening the noose, and the gallows are impending!  He’s easily one of the most fascinating of comic book characters right now and if you love heroes like Batman and The Punisher, there is no reason for you not to add this alongside said characters on your pull list.  There’s an almost Twilight Zone-ish aspect to chapter one of The Hangman in the sense that Tieri’s script does read like a morality play of sorts.  In our previous review, we wrote:

To paraphrase a quote by Justice Potter, evil is like pornography.  You know it when you see it.  Dark Circle Comics’ latest title, The Hangman, is a 32 page comic by Frank Tieri and Felix Ruiz, which permeates a tone of evil.

Despite the lack of The Hangman in his own title, Tieri and Ruiz use him far more effectively by keeping him in the figurative and literal shadows.  Focusing on hitman “Mad Dod” Mike Minetta in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, we get to enjoy the timeless themes of justice and evil, told in a Tarantino meets Stephen King way.  Alex Segura had previously made mention of this tone and it’s very blunt as you make your way through the opening pages of The Hangman.  “Mikey Ice” Mike Minetta is a very particular kind of evil and his disposal of someone using strawberry jam and rats is just the kind of moment that people would be speaking about for days if this was on Netflix or in theaters.  The creative team behind The Hangman – Frank Tieri, Felix Ruiz, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Rachel Deering give each panel and page a cinematic feel that will ensure people regard this new comic in the highest way.

TheHangman_01-4 TheHangman_01-5

The Hangman by Dark Circle Comics is our Pick of the Week.  There aren’t many comic books out there that have retained the same must have and read feel to them.  Dark Circle Comics have impressively released issue after issue of titles that you want to pick up as they contain stories and art that you want to read, even if you aren’t already aware that you do.  The work Frank Tieri and Felix Ruiz are doing with The Hangman is quite exciting and unexpected.  They’ve added a dizzying sensibility to the concept of urban legends and the back essay, “The Horror of It All: A Study of Evil” by Sean T. Collins compliments The Hangman “Damned” chapter one in a perfect way.


Make sure to pick up Dark Circle Comics The Hangman today.  If not, keep your eyes peeled close to the rooftops and your rear view mirror, because The Hangman’s noose is swinging in the wind… and it might be waiting for your neck!

The Hangman gets five stars.  For more on why we loved this title, please check out our advance review here.

TheHangman_01-12 TheHangman_01-13


They say the Hangman is nothing more than an urban legend. A spook story told to scare criminals straight. But those who encounter him—like hitman “Mad Dog” Mike Minetta—know different. They know that when he comes for you… you’re dead already. Join fan-favorite writer Frank Tieri (WOLVERINE, BATMAN) and artist extraordinaire Felix Ruiz (WOLVERINE MAX, HALO) for an ongoing tale of horror, the supernatural and violence…  and learn why some men may never be redeemed.

Script: Frank Tieri
Art: Felix Ruiz, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Rachel Deering
Cover: Timothy Bradstreet
Variant Covers: Felix Ruiz, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack
On Sale Date: 11/4
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


Bradstreet var.


Hack var.


Francavilla var.

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