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The Good Dinosaur Trailer – Disney Pixar’s Next Big Thing!


Seems that one blockbuster a year isn’t enough. Hot on the heels of Inside Out we’ve got their next release…

The Good Dinosaur trailer looks absolutely adorable. I’m trying to think of the parallels, I know there have been more than a few “boy and his dog” type movies, though this one almost seems more like a “dog and his boy” or “two creatures bond” with the neanderthal personality they’ve given the boy. It looks like they’re taking it easy with the dialogue, which is a great idea,  I’d love to see what they can do without speaking.

This film was supposed to be a 2014 release which left a big hole in the schedule. The release date, Nov. 25, 2015, was originally the date “Finding Dory” was set to open. Now, Andrew Stanton’s “Finding Nemo” sequel, will now arrive in the summer of 2016. Why the date change? Pixar’s president gave this insight in an LA Times article in September 2013 (‘The Good Dinosaur’ moved to 2015, leaving Pixar with no 2014 film) “Nobody ever remembers the fact that you slipped a film, but they will remember a bad film,” said Pixar’s president, Ed Catmull. “Our conclusion was that we were going to give the [dinosaur]film some more time.” Here’s hoping it was worth the wait.

I will admit the whole man and dinosaur co-existing kind of annoys me a little. I’d like to say oh whatever it’s just a movie but the fact is this is the type of thing that helps to reinforce common misconceptions. Someone somewhere will say well it must be true they wouldn’t have made a movie about it otherwise…

But barring that minor nitpick I’m sure this will be a fun, sweet, poignant family film. One I know I’ll be bringing my kids to.

Then we’ll go to a museum, and learn some science.

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