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The Fox #2 from Red Circle Comics – Pulpy Goodness and a WWII Sheild Story Too!


I don’t usually do back-to-back reviews of series books, mostly because I read so much stuff that I want to talk about. But this new series “the Fox” is making me want to.

fox2First a little back-story,

The Fox originated in the pages of Blue Ribbon Comics #4 in the 1940’s. He then resurfaced in the 60’s in The Mighty Crusaders #4, we caught a final glimpse in 1983 (1985?) in the pages of The Black Hood #3.
A second Fox was created in the 1980’s, this was the original Fox’s son. He too appeared in the pages of MLJ Comics (aka Archie Comics) titles Blue Ribbon Comics and The Mighty Crusaders.
Then in 2008 in the wake of DC’s Final Crisis, The Fox is resurrected yet again as a backup feature in The SHEILD comic…

In every incarnation one thing remained true, this was a pulp comic. No super powers besides being athletic and tough as nails (and a martial arts expert in the case of Fox jr.). And that’s what draws me in to this current incarnation. Paul Patton hasn’t survived some harrowing journey through space exposing him to radioactivity, he hasn’t been bitten by a spider, and he isn’t from a far-away planet. Nope, he’s just a newspaper photographer who got sick of chasing the story, so he decides to bring the story to him. The problem with that idea? How do you stop the ball rolling once it starts? It’s refreshing to see 1 a real everyman facing some crazy stuff and 2 a guy who’s pretty sure he’s made a terrible mistake starting on this path but he just can’t seem to make it stop.

Top that off with a really far out plot and old Red Circle villains (and villainesses) being brought out to play and what you wind up with is a really fun book. Issue two finds Paul Patton on a distant planet fighting a Druid to save a King. But even in the face of all that weird he’s still a guy just trying to get by. I like this guy. I like this book.

I give it a 4 out of 5…

TheFox2-01 TheFox2-02 TheFox2-03

TheFox2-04I also enjoyed the back-up feature – The Sheild in “The Face of Hate” (written by J.M. Dematteis with Mike Cavallaro on pencils) which was chock full of WWII Axis Badies and Super Mutants! C’mon that’s good comics!

The Fox #2
Writer: Haspiel, Dean
Artist: Haspiel, Dean
Cover Artist: Haspiel, Dean
Format: COMIC
Price: $2.99
UPC: 76281632369700211
On Sale December 04, 2013
Publisher Archie
Imprint Archie – Red Circle Comics
Diamond Id: SEP130880

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