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The Fifth Element Gets Toys – The Funko Way!


All photography by Steven Biscotti

Today What’cha Reading has your review of The Fifth Element POP! Vinyls and ReAction figures by Funko.  As a youngster, my middle school years were filled with two great loves – science fiction and Bruce Willis.  It was only natural that when the Luc Besson film The Fifth Element released in 1997, that this eight year old had found his favorite movie.  The imaginative science-fiction film about good vs. evil, a cab driver fighting aliens, and an orange haired Milla Jovovich that had the ability to save the universe felt as if it was made for me.  After it had released on VHS, it was one of the most watched of Bruce Willis movies, along with being one of the earliest of PlayStation games that I played over and over.  The one thing missing were toys!  Just like the original Star Wars, there were no toys!  This year Funko has corrected that so without further ado, here is a closer look at The Fifth Element collectibles.  Green?  Super green!

The Fifth Element has an interesting history when it comes to action figures.  Back in 2001, the toy company N2 Toys, best known for The Matrix and Road Warrior, had prototypes of several characters from the film on display at New York Toy Fair and San Diego Comic Con.  Before they went out of business, N2 Toys planned on releasing action figures based on Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), Zorg (Gary Oldman), and one of an evil alien Mangalore.  Sadly these never came out and my 12-year-old self was devastated.  This was the closest I had come to having figures based off of The Fifth Element and, more importantly, one of Bruce Willis.  At this time, action figures of Bruce “Bruno the Kid” Willis were limited to just one of him as Harry Stamper in Armageddon.  (They were by Mattel’s Hot Wheels!)  The Korben Dallas figure would have been my premiere action figure; the N2 Toys Korben could have easily become the Woody to my Andy!  While it wasn’t meant to be at this time, fast forward to 14 years later and while at the 2015 New York Toy Fair, I had come across an entire line of The Fifth Element collectibles at the Funko booth.  You could read about that experience here.

The Fifth Element POP! Vinyls should be hitting stores this month, if not already.  Included in the lineup are:

  • Korben Dallas #189
  • Leeloo w/ Multipass #190
  • Jean-Babtiste Emanuel Zorg #191
  • Ruby Rhod #192
  • Leeloo (straps costume) #193
  • Mangalore #194
  • Diva Plavalaguna #194

In addition to The Fifth Element POP! Vinyls, Funko has also produced a line of ReAction figures.  Included in the lineup are:

  • Leeloo w/ Multipass
  • Korben Dallas
  • Leeloo (straps costume)
  • Zorg
  • Diva Plavalaguna
  • Mangalore
  • Ruby Rhod

I’ve gotten my hands on some of Funko’s The Fifth Element POP! Vinyls and ReAction figures.  Wasting no time, today I had opened them and gave them a thorough look through the eyes of my eight and twelve year old self.  I owed that to him.


First up were the POP! Vinyls.  Funko has quickly developed a massive library of these vinyl figures devoted to representing cute versions of some of your favorite pop culture heroes, villains, and icons.  The Fifth Element lends itself to being represented as POP! vinyls and the already cartoonish characters have translated amazingly well.  While I have yet to complete the whole set, up for review today is the Korben Dallas and Leeloo POP! Vinyls.


Starting with Leeloo, fans and collectors have the choice between owning a Leeloo with her Multipass or Leeloo in her straps costume.  Both are rendered in a way that perfectly captures Milla Jovovich’s quirky appearance in The Fifth ElementOne of the aspects I greatly admire about the Leeloo POPs are the attention to detail.  Sometimes POPs come across as very generic, especially when it comes to paint application, but here they are top-notch.  The orange of her hair is true and stands out in a big way.


A real highlight that I’d like to point out is the detail on Leeloo’s Multipass.  If you look closely, you will see that Funko has replicated a smaller image of Leeloo’s face on the Multipass.  That’s pretty cool!

IMG_2239 IMG_2245

Another key feature that I’d like to mention is the remarkable balance of the Leeloo POP.  There have been issues with some of the POP! vinyl figures such as the Jessica Rabbit and Mia Wallace POPs.  Leeloo has no issues and stands upright with her stand.

IMG_2247        IMG_2251

The POP! vinyl of Korben Dallas came out with a surprising amount of detail.  While Funko could have gone for a cheaper sculpt, they did not.  In particular I’m referring to the futuristic orange tank top vest he wears in the film.  While the costume Bruce Willis wears appears like a normal orange tank top, it is not.  The back has straps and here’s a fun fact – Jean Paul Gaultier designed the costumes for The Fifth Element.

This is not the first POP! vinyl that Funko has produced of Bruce Willis.  There was also one made of him as Butch from Pulp Fiction.  The Korben Dallas POP also features the same great paint application as does the Leeloo POPs.  They gave him a light blonde coating for his hair and also managed to cleanly paint the skin in between his tank top straps.


The Fifth Element ReAction figures by Funko and Super 7 are just as impressive as the line of POP! vinyls.  There are seven figures in the lineup featuring the same core group featured in the POP! line up.  While they don’t retain the 6″ size of the planned N2 Toys, that’s understandable as all of the ReAction figures stand at 3 3/4 inches.  While they aren’t that tall, they do contain an amazing amount of authenticity in translating the on-screen counterparts to action figure size.  Presented to you here is a look at Leeloo, Leeloo (straps costume), Zorg, Mangalore, and Diva Plavalaguna.  Korben Dallas is unsurprisingly the hardest to find.

IMG_2258 IMG_2274

The most impressive of The Fifth Element ReAction figures is the Diva Plavalaguna.  She stands just a little over the 3 3/4 scale.  She’s fabulously designed and her blue paint stands out in an even greater way than the rest of the action figures.  The above photograph shows the Diva’s shine in a very nice way.  This figure is also one of the four figures that contains a replica of the film’s elements.


Both Leeloo figures come with an element, along with Korben Dallas.  These are perhaps the coolest accessories to come with an action figure.  No self-respecting fan of The Fifth Element would want to miss out on collecting all of these ReAction figures.

All of The Fifth Element ReAction figures comes with accessories that are screen accurate to the ones that appeared on film.  Leeloo comes with a gun and her multipass, Zorg comes with the ZF1, and the Mangalore comes with two guns, as well.  However, the one issue that I did encounter with the Mangalore was that it was not that easy to fit the weapon in his hand.  He was eventually able to hold it, as pictured, but it needed to be fit into his hand with force.

Funko has truly delivered with their The Fifth Element line of POP! Vinyl and ReAction figures.  These would be just the kind of collectibles that I’d be excited to get when the film opened in May of 1997.  Eighteen years later and, truth be told, I still am!  Be sure to look for The Fifth Element POP! vinyl and ReAction figures in stores now.

IMG_2284 IMG_2282 IMG_2275 IMG_2271 IMG_2267 IMG_2263 IMG_2259 IMG_2257 IMG_2256 IMG_2255 IMG_2254 IMG_2258

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