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The Eleventh Doctor #6 – Exactly The Doctor We Need!


I have missed Titan’s series starring The Eleventh Doctor. I haven’t taken off my pull list but the issues just keep piling up, unread, unloved, it’s a tragedy. One that can be attributed to many things, work, sleep, children… But no more! Today I sat down with my advanced pdf of issue #6 and I was greeted by this,

The Eleventh Doctor #6 - Exactly The Doctor We Need!

Ah River, how I’ve missed her. But more than seeing River it was seeing/hearing the dialogue, no the banter, between them again. Eleven and River have a singular relationship, Capaldi’s Doctor did okay with her in his first season but there’s something about the dichotomy, the younger/older relationship, the seemingly confident Eleventh Doctor to the totally confident River Song that just works. It works in that way a ranting raving speech from David Tennant works, the way Matt Smith’s boyish charm works, the way Peter Capaldi’s… umm… Yea so as I was saying the relationship works so well and Si Spurrier and Rob Williams handle it so beautifully it’s like putting on your favorite overcoat, or fez, or pair of red trainers, it’s like coming home.

11D_Year_Two_06_PREVIEW2 11D_Year_Two_06_PREVIEW3

Now I need to add a little disclaimer here, I was never that big a Matt Smith fan, when he was the current Doctor I would have preferred any of the earlier ones, though my personal favorite was David Tennant, I even stopped watching for a few episodes. Later on though, I realized why he worked and began to enjoy his episodes more and more. And I’d still be watching, but Capaldi? Yeesh, can’t get into him, but I digress. Back on point.

So I hadn’t read an issue of Twelve’s run in a bit and I didn’t read the “previously…”. I didn’t read it because in a review I like to know if a title has that “just pick it up and read it quality” and this one definitely did. In addition to the writing the art is spot on. It’s not photo-realistic but I don’t think it should be. Warren Pleece’s style carries you through the story at that same break-neck pace you’re accustomed to if you’re a Whovian. He gets all the character’s features right, all the settings right, he just gets it right. This is the perfect book for a fan, or a newcomer. That being said you want some prior Doctor experience when you read this or you may be shocked by just how awesome it, and he, is. In fact if you’ve hit a slump, need a Doctor fix, then this is the book to pick up and read.

I’m giving The Eleventh Doctor #6 five out of five stars. Even if you don’t collect the Doctor’s comics this is one to pick up.

Writers: Si Spurrier & Rob Williams
Artist: Warren Pleece
Covers: Alex Ronald, Photo, Question No 6
PRICE: $3.99

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