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Review – The Devil is Due in Dreary – Comic and Kickstarter Project!


I came across this book on Kickstarter (after having it recommended to me by my wonderful cousin Jenn!) and being a fan of horror and westerns I figured this would be a slam dunk for me. I got my copy in the mail while I was away at Boston Comic Con and when I saw it I couldn’t wait to dig in.

Writer / Creator: David Parkin
Penciller: Allan Jefferson
Inker: Jonas Trindade
Colorist: Diego Tapie
Cover Artist: Alex Sanchez
Letters and Design: Richard Emms
Executive Editor: Daryl Freimark
Ardden Entertainment

No introduction, no exposition, just panel overlapping panel, dark scrub landscape, lightening flashes in the sky and an ominous figure striding purposely forward. Each panel carries the lamentations of a man who knows he’s damned himself yet we don’t know why…

Something has brought the Devil to Dreary and there’s a prophecy that says the whole town is going to pay for it. Only the town’s Pastor seems to know the ins and outs of the prophecy. His constant warning to the town that hell is coming is received in every possible way by the townspeople. Some seem genuinely scared sh@#less yet some are completely unfazed by his warnings. That is until two strangers drive into town and become unwitting pawns in the prophecy that predicts Armageddon for the town of Dreary and everyone in it.

This story grabbed me immediately. The classic cars, the fifty’s hairstyles, the rock and roll music. It’s got a great style that isn’t being done by everyone else. I’ve read lots of comics that were once scripts for movies (Severed being the first to come to mind) or tv shows but this one is different. This movie is scheduled to be filmed once the comic is finished.

Personally I wish the creators luck in that endeavor but I’m just happy to have another good comic to read. Even if it is just set for four issues. go check out the kickstarter for the next three issues here. They’ve only got 32 more days to make their target so get over there and pledge some funds! Also take a look at their facebook page here. Copies of issue one should be available at some local comic shops or contact the creators at their kickstarter page.

Keep your eye on Whatcha’ Reading, I’ll have more news on this Kickstarter campaign, the creators, and what to expect from the film as soon as I can!

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