The Cyborg 009 Hardcover On the Stands 9/11! We Give It 5 out of 5 Cyborg Supersoldiers! ~ What'cha Reading?

The Cyborg 009 Hardcover On the Stands 9/11! We Give It 5 out of 5 Cyborg Supersoldiers!


New-Team-Shot-Promo-Piece-by-Marcus-ToI’m not a huge manga or anime fan, mostly because I haven’t read much of it. I was a huge fan of all the japanimation stuff that ran when I was a kid especially Battle of the Planets and Voltron. Of course later I discovered how bastardized those versions were compared to the originals. Cyborg 009 is not like that. It’s part homage and part re-imagining of the original manga by Shotaro Ishinomori. It’s also a whole lot of fun.

The story opens with the activation of 009, he is the latest model in a series of experimental cyborg soldiers created by the Foundation. Designed to bring warfare to new a whole new level, and make the company tons of money. Upon awakening 009 is told to eradicate his predecessors but something goes wrong. He is convinced by the others to stand with them not against them. They then make their escape.

I enjoyed Cyborg 009 a great deal. The story of technology vs. humanity always resonates for me and that is exactly the story it’s telling. The cyborgs find their humanity and don’t want to be soldiers for hire. They want to be more. I found their individual origins interesting and their slow journey toward becoming a team satisfying. The action and adventures kept me turning page after page, it was definitely unputdownable.

The art is appealing as well. The images are clear and striking but definitely have a slightly nostalgic feel to them. I enjoyed the images as much as the story.

I haven’t seen the book itself just yet but I’ve seen the video of the packaging which is simply gorgeous. It has a clear cover with four layers that allow you to unveil the cyborg’s structure. It’s very impressive even in images.

Cyborg 009 gets a definitely 5 out of 5 from me. I like my comics fun and this definitely fits the bill. The art and presentation elevate it from just a graphic novel I loved to something I must own.

Cyborg 009 HC
Writer: Desanto, F. j.
Artist: To, Marcus
Cover Artist: To, Marcus
Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978193639394751995
On Sale: September 11, 2013
Publisher: Archaia
Diamond Id: MAY130800

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