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The Chase is On: Action Lab’s Skyward #2


I read the Action Lab’s first issue of Skyward back in May, and really enjoyed it – but I had questions. Skyward #2 doesn’t directly answer my biggest question, but this issue fills in some gaps.


In Skyward‘s first issue, we met Quinn, a young boy who sees his family killed his father’s former associate of his father’s. We also meet a group of adventurers who have some knowledge of Quinn’s dad, Corin, as some “weird dude in the woods”. The second issue picks up right around where issue 1 leaves off. This issue focuses more on teenagers Jon and Abigail, and their fathers – the group we briefly met in the last issue. Receiving word that Corin’s home is ablaze, the group arrives on the scene and figures out that this was no random beast attacking. Abigail, who seems to be a competent woodswoman, figures out that Quinn has escaped, and they begin a search to find the boy. We also get a glimpse at a deeper storyline that may provide answers to Corin’s murder.

Skyward‘s second issue sets up several storylines that promise a good deal of adventure and intrigue in the issues to come. The story remains interesting and well-paced, in addition to being kid-friendly. Featured fan art at the end invites fans to interact with the book even more.

My question with the first issue surrounded the question of setting and time – is this a medieval/fantasy setting? The background seemed to become a little more modern at one point in the first issue, but after reading issue 2, that may have been a misinterpretation on my part. Skyward appears to take place in a fantasy setting: woods, villages, weird beasts.

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Keep this one on your lists. It’s a fun title with a little something for everyone: adventure, excitement, and a quest in the making.


Written by: Jeremy Dale
Art by: Jeremy Dale
Price: $2.99
Release Date: 08/21/13
UPC: 79947550680200211
Diamond ID: JUN130710

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