The Beast of Wolfe's Bay - Compelling story, great characters, and a Sasquatch? I'm sold! 5 out of 5! ~ What'cha Reading?

The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay – Compelling story, great characters, and a Sasquatch? I’m sold! 5 out of 5!


beast-cover-FINAL-lgCryptozoology rocks. I am a sucker for a story about fantastic creatures, folklore, rumor, myth, it’s some of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy. Erik has crafted a tale that not only tackles mythological creatures but he throws a bunch of believable science in there too! I don’t think it gets better than that!

I hadn’t heard about The Beast during it’s kickstarter, if I had you’d have heard about it right here. Eric took on quite a feat, he not only wanted to adapt Beowulf (and make it interesting), he also wanted to write a story about a Sasquatch, and you know maybe throw in some stuff about grad-school too while he was at it.

Guess what? He pulled it off, in spades.

I have never read or watched Beowulf (let the mocking begin!) so on that front I’m relying on the advice of others, but I do know a good story and this is one is very very good!

*Edit – I went to Project Gutenberg this evening and read it. Wow! Go check it out! – Chuck the editor monkey*

We get two Professors (ok one professor, one almost professor) who are on a monster hunt of sorts along with the sheriff and deputies who’ve asked them to investigate a strange killing (or two). The resulting investigation pits the two in an easy back and forth concerning the nature of science, folklore and what exactly constitutes an open mind. Sounds heady? A little thick? Nope not at all, it reads like a well written X-Files episode. And the cast of The Beast is just as interesting and watchable. Here, have a few pages..

preview1 preview2

preview3 preview4

preview5 preview6 preview7

preview8 preview9 preview10

So now you get it right? Reads like a well written novel, one that just happens to have damn good artwork. Did you see it on page 2? The panel with the conversation about Doctor Who? No? Go back and look at her belt buckle. Stuff like that makes a book even more worth reading.

Compelling story, great characters, and a Sasquatch? I’m sold! 5 out of 5!

This book is available in multiple formats but as of today you can get it at comixology as well (The comixology link is:

Want to see more? Click over to for more cool stuff about the book, links to purchase in just about every format you can think of.

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