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The Art of Graig Weich – at the Peter Louis Salon and Gallery


logoAfter finally conceding defeat to the unyielding onslaught of Male Pattern Baldness , the Peter Louis Salon ( located in Manhattan at 143 E57th St. ) would be the last place you’d find me. However, after the runaway success of Wednesday night’s gallery viewing of the work of artist Graig Weich, it would be the first place I’d recommend as an intimate event venue.  Anyone who knows Graig Weich can attest to the fact that he embodies the very essence of the word “creator”.  As the founder and CEO of BeyondComics.TV, Weich has left his fingerprint on virtually every facet of the multimedia scene. His projects range from comic book collaborations with celebrities such as model/web personality Coco Austin ( of E! TV’s “Ice Loves Coco” ) , Adrianne Curry ( winner of America’s Next Top Model ), and Gary Dell’ Abate ( executive producer of the Howard Stern show ) to his appearances on AMC’s show “Comic Book Men” and a walk-on role as one of Bane’s soldiers in the film, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Weich5The gallery showed off most of his artwork from his comic titles Code Name: Justice, Ravedactyl, and Gekido ( written by co-creator Brandon Wilson ). I regret to say that although I took pictures using both my iPhone 4S and Olympus Stylus 400 digital camera, neither one could truly do justice to the sublime color schemes of Weich’s pieces. My favorite had to be the Ravedactyl cover, beautifully rendered ( like the others ) in pencil, ink, and digital colors. The other standouts for me were the anime influenced Gekido works, with their lush cool blue hues and dynamic action sequences. There was also, on display, a portrait of the late Michael Jackson that was personally commissioned by the “King of Pop” himself. As I’ve said before, it was an intimate venue however you would not have known it by the large turnout for the show. One can only hope that this will only be the first of many such events at the Salon.

Weich 2


Though Graig was interviewed in the past by What’cha Reading’s Juan Pineda ( who was unfortunately sidelined due to illness and couldn’t make the festivities ), this was the first time I met Graig and he couldn’t have been more charming and engaging. When I was researching him online the night before, in preparation for my write up of the gallery event, I was struck by how adept he was at promoting himself and the projects he’s involved in. Not only does he have his own YouTube channel, but he also produced, directed, AND starred in a short film adaptation of his title, Ravedactyl ( co-starring rapper Coolio, Donald Faison, and Star War’s Darth Vader himself, David Prowse ). Weich is not a talent who is going to wait for an opportunity to fall in his lap, he’s going to CREATE one.


Look up the words “focus” and “drive” in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of Graig Welch smiling confidently back at you.

You can find out more about Graig’s many projects from Juan Pineda’s in-depth interview here or at www.BeyondComics.TV. For updates, contests, and giveaways, follow @BeyondComics on Twitter and don’t forget to stop by and like the Beyond Comics TV Facebook page.

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  1. This is exactly the kind of write-up that makes me never want to miss an event! Sounds like an amazing night with work by an even more amazing artist. What a talent!

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