The Army of Dr. Moreau - from Monkeybrain Comics October 23rd - Read This! ~ What'cha Reading?

The Army of Dr. Moreau – from Monkeybrain Comics October 23rd – Read This!


Army_of_Dr_Moreau_01-15 out of 5.

No really I’ll repeat that. 5 out of 5.

One of the greatest things about being a fan of science fiction is that nagging feeling you get after reading some novels. That feeling that just sits there, in the back of your mind. “Could that have happened?”

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I read Wells The Island of Dr. Moreau when I was a young man, probably twelve or so years old, and it was haunting. Having grown up in the 70’s (and 80’s) the movie starring Burt Lancaster and Micheal York was a staple. I think I watch it every time it airs. When I got the email from MonkeyBrain today and saw the title of this one I jumped right in.

This is a sequel, you might say, to Wells’ novel but before you get all “How Dare They!” it’s not truly a sequel. Writer David F. Walker has taken that nagging feeling we get from these stories and ran with it. Now transposing famous works of fiction onto the “real world” as a plot device isn’t new (ever see Time After Time? Wells again) but I really like the direction he takes it.

The year is 1939 and we catch up with H.G. Wells as he’s contacted by a pair of representatives of the U.S. and British espionage community, or “spies” as he calls them, regarding some intelligence. Seems a Nazi doctor is conducting very Dr. Moreau -esque experiments. Mr Wells then let’s them in on a little secret. The doctor was very real, and his creatures did in fact exist. Is this possible? Could these things exist? Is Hitler breeding an army of half-man half-animal soldiers? Guess we’ll just have to read along and find out!

The art is solid and the writing flows like a novel but doesn’t get bogged down in itself. I will be reading this series.

5 Nazi Monkey Men out of 5!

Army_of_Dr_Moreau_01-2 Army_of_Dr_Moreau_01-3

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The Army of Dr. Moreau #1
Writer: David F. Walker
Art: Carl Sciacchitano
Letterer: Sara Machajewski
Pages: 21
Rating: 15+
On an uncharted island in the South Pacific, Nazis have uncovered the secret of transforming animals into a human-like army of killers. A team of British and American operatives is sent on a search and destroy mission. The team quickly find themselves in a nightmarish war with savage animals that think they are men.

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