The Army of Dr. Moreau #2 on sale December 11th - from MonkeyBrain ~ What'cha Reading?

The Army of Dr. Moreau #2 on sale December 11th – from MonkeyBrain


So when we last left the island it had become clear that the Nazi scientists had seized the island and Dr. Moreau’s work. There attempts to cross-breed the perfect soldier were progressing to say the least. Luckily the Yanks and the Brits have sent a team to investigate.

Army_of_Dr_Moreau_02-cvrDavid Walker is giving us exactly what we want. It’s the consummate WWII adventure. The unreachable enemy base, filled with unknowable horrors. The team of good guys, populated by one witness that no one believes and the “experts” sent along to debunk and take care of the situation.

I feel a Predator-like issue coming up. Lots of bloodshed, but who will come out on top? I wonder how high the body count will rise?

And to add to the drama, as the Allies close in on the island, another threat to the Nazi dream of perfection rears its head. But will it be a strong enough threat to stop Metzger’s (the Nazi commander) mad quest for victory?

Army_of_Dr_Moreau_02-1 Army_of_Dr_Moreau_02-2 Army_of_Dr_Moreau_02-3

Army_of_Dr_Moreau_02-4 Army_of_Dr_Moreau_02-5

Using Prentiss, the mercenary and only surviving witness to the horrors of the island, as the anchor of the story (complete with flashbacks to the original horror) works and I hope he’s one of the people who survive.

Issue 2 goes live on December 11th. Check it out. 4 out of 5

The Army of Dr. Moreau #2
Writer: David F. Walker
Art: Carl Sciacchitano
Colorist: Sara Machajewski
Price: $.99
Pages: 18
Rating: 15+
Comixology Link: (Live Dec 11th)

While Beckett and his team make their way to the mysterious island that inspired H.G. Wells to write The Island of Dr. Moreau, the Nazis come closer to perfecting their experiments. Led by Metzger, the Nazis are about to find out that they are not alone on the island.

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