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The Apocalypse Wars are Coming!


There is great news in the X-Men world following the premiere of the trailer for X-Men: Age of Apocalypse! During Comic Con Experience 2015 in Sao Paolo, Brazil earlier this month, Marvel announced that a story arc, called “Apocalypse Wars” will take over three of its X-Men titles. The arc will have different stories based on the title it is featured in. Word has now come in that all the details for each series have been released including writers, artists and release dates.

The Apocalypse Wars are Coming!

The first title released featuring “Apocalypse Wars” will be Extraordinary X-Men #8 in March.  Jeff Lemire will write the story while artist Humberto Ramos brings the pages, and cover, to life.  This title is set in the future as Apocalypse traps the last hope of mutant-kind in a time stream.


The next title to carry “Apocalypse Wars” will be Uncanny X-Men #6, releasing in April.  The story written by Cullen Bunn will have art by Ken Lashley.  In this version of “Apocalypse Wars,” Psylocke investigates the actions of Archangel and a target he is after.



The last title to feature “Apocalypse Wars” is All New X-Men #9, releasing in May.  Written by Dennis Hopeless with art and cover by Mark Bagley.  In this story, we see younger X-Men trying to forge their own path out of the shadows out of the original team while Kid Apocalypse tries to live up to his namesake.

This is a smart move for Marvel, especially with all the fanfare surrounding the movie and the release of the trailer.  They kept true to the original character as shown by the cover art.  The Archangel story will be a good read considering he was aligned with Apocalypse in the original comics.  This is a great point to either catch up with the X-Men or become a first-time reader of them.


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