The Alien Legion is Back!!! Preview UnCivil War #1 from Titan Comics! ~ What'cha Reading?

The Alien Legion is Back!!! Preview UnCivil War #1 from Titan Comics!


The Alien Legion is Back!!! Preview UnCivil War #1 from Titan Comics!

That’s Right Folks! The Alien Legion is Back!!! Preview UnCivil War #1 from Titan Comics!

Captain Sarigar and the rest of Force Nomad return to active duty this summer, with original creators, Carl Potts, Chuck Dixon and Larry Stroman, bringing the latest installment of the hit sci-fi series to Titan Comics.

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But what is the Alien Legion,and who are Force Nomad and why are they feared throughout three galaxies? Better writer than me have described them as:

“Footsloggers and soldiers of fortune, priests, poets, killers and cads – they fight for a future Galarchy, for cash, for a cause, for the thrill of adventure. Culled from the forgotten and unwanted of three galaxies, the Legion is sent into the Galarchy’s most desperate internal and external struggles Legionnaires live rough and they die hard, tough as tungsten and loyal to the dirty end”

Alien Legion ComicOriginally envisioned by writers Carl Potts & Alan Zelentz and penciller Frank Cirocco as a Foreign Legion in space, The Alien Legion ran for 20 issues under Marvel’s Epic umbrella, and then the story continued in a new series (dropping the ‘the’ from the title) under the creative team of Chuck Dixon and Larry Stroman for 18 more issues, a Marvel Graphic Novel featuring the return of the original creative team, and then a few mini-series and one shots featuring Chuck Dixon as writer and a series of artists including, Mike Mahon and Alfredo Acatena.

The series mainly focused on Force Nomad, a special ops 17_6498_0_AlienLegionVol218ReturntothePlteam working within the 3 galaxy wide Alien Legion. Mirroring the bureaucratic mess of a large scale democratic society like the United States, complete with a melting pot society of three galaxies’ worth of alien races and a political system rife with corruption and nepotism, the Alien Legion has its dirty work to do, and Force Nomad is the team to do it. The team comes across as a mix between GI Joe and the Guardians of the Galaxy, with serious characterization, aliens that not only look alien, but have alien morals and social nuances, and high end military action across a larger galactic political field.




They are led by Captain Sarigar, a brilliant tactician, and master of an alien kung-fu that utilizes his prehensile tail. Sarigar is a take no crap, balls to the wall commander who demands loyalty from his soldiers, and gets it in spades





There’s Jugger Grimrod, with a questionable past, a mastery of hand to hand and weapons combat as well as enhanced senses, He’s the Wolverine of the group, the guy you want watching back… until he sticks a knife init

tamaracolor 150




And Tamara, The Legion’s mix of Starfire and Gamora, she just might be the deadliest woman in the galaxy, but the death of her family has left her in a fragile mental state.



meicocolor 150


Meico- the bug like field physician of the group, the safety and well being of his comrades is the primary duty of this harmless looking alien. But he hides a hidden psychic power, and those extra arms come in handy in fire fight.




ikscolor 150


An my favorite The Iiks! ( Mic,Ric, & Nik ) these three aliens share a group mind, and their small, fast size (they look like a kangaroo/hyena hybrid) makes them perfect scouts and spies. They’re kinda dumb, but have a servile attitude towards Grimrod.


I’m looking forward to this title being released. With a nice mix of its original creators back at the helm, its sure to maintain the gritty sci-fi military flavor it always had. This might just be one of those nostalgic sleeper hits of the summer!

As you can see from the pages below, almost 30 years later and this creative team still rocks!


Alien_Legion_sampleweb Alien_Legion_sampleWEB2 Alien_Legion_sampleWEB3 Alien_Legion_sampleWEB4


If you crave more info check out: for a full work up on characters, creators,story arcs and more! ( wiki has surprisingly little info on the Alien Legion )



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