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The Aerosmurf! – The Smurfs Vol. 16 – From Papercutz August 16th!


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I wasn’t a fan of the show, frankly it annoyed the hell out of me. Granted it was 1981 and I was an 11-yr-old boy. Tra La, La La La La really wasn’t doing it for me.

Now, I’m grown (not grown up mind you) and have kids of my own. My 7 yr-old loves the show. My 3 yr-old tolerates it (animation is a little dated for his sensibilities I think). Me? I still find it unbelievably annoying.

So why? Why do I enjoy these new collections Papercutz is releasing? Fact is the strips are just fun. The characters are cute, the conflicts are simple and the art is wonderful. And I don’t have to hear Tra La! La La La La! over and over again.

In volume 16 we get six stories of Smurfs facing high adventure! The Aerosmurf!, The Masked Smurf!, The Firesmurfs! It’s wonderful that they’re releasing these classic stories, check out the preview…

Here’s the first five pages of “The Aerosmurf” to get you started…

Smurfs 16_Page_2 Smurfs 16_Page_3

Smurfs 16_Page_4 Smurfs 16_Page_5

Smurfs 16_Page_6


ON SALE: July 31
FORMAT: 56PG / Paperback / Hardcover
SRP: $5.99 / $10.99
TRIM: 6 1/2 x 9
AGE: 7+
ISBN: 9781597074261 / 9781597074278

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