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Thanos : A God Up There Listening #1 – Worth The Wait!


Thanos : A God Up There Listening #1 - Worth The Wait!
Thanos : A God Up There Listening #1
w. Rob Williams
a. Iban Coello & Neal Edwards

4 out 0f 5 Lightening Bolts!

The Gist: I don’t read comics digitally, and I am very, very interested in Thanos’ son Thane, the break-out character of Hickman’s Infinity mini-series, I had to wait for the “real world” copy of this Infinite online comic to hit the stands before I could check it out. Thane, is the son of Thanos and an Inhuman female. His parentage was hidden from him, and he grew of age into a Healer in a secret city of the In humans, hidden on Earth. When the Terrigen bomb exploded, releasing Thane’s mixed genetics, he became a bringer of death and destruction, killing his whole city when his power first manifested, as well as beginning to resemble his father in a more physical way as well (less purpley more skrully eared than dear old Dad). Unable to cope with his dual nature, Thane was last seen heading into space with one of his father’s Generals the manipulative Ebony Maw, who also happened to provide Thane with a suit of armor that allows him to control his powers.
Now the two are embarking on a quest, albeit Thane is going along reluctantly, to educate the Titan/Inhuman hybrid on his paternal heritage. First up finding Thanos’s
biography… which also happens to be his biographer??? (when you read it, it makes sense) Thane’s first glimpse into his father’s life….. an untold tale from the past, of Thanos’ war with Ego, the Living Planet!

4 out of 5!

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