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Thanatos Diver from Th3rd World Studios!


Thanatos Diver from Th3rd World Studios!Back in September of last year we brought you news (and a preview) of a new all ages series from Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn (Awakening, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 2), Thanatos Diver was originally scheduled to hit stores in November (of last year) the distribution has undergone some changes. Most notably switching from print to digital first. The series is being launched as a free weekly webcomic, updated every Tuesday and Thursday. You can check it out now (the first 13 pages are already live) at If you’re not a webcomic fan, and I readily admit though I love them I am horrible at actually remembering to go and read them, you can buy completed chapters digitally (DRM Free) before they wrap up on the website from ComiXology (which doesn’t seem to have a live link yet) or the Th3rd World Studios website. If you’re a fan of the printed page Th3rd World is promising us “incredibly handsome and irresistible print books” of the completed chapters as well.

Here’s that preview to whet your “Appetite for Adventure”!

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Here’s the blurb:

“Samantha is bored out of her skull. She lives on an island, her entire world is covered in ocean, and she’s explored pretty much every crusty corner of the sunken city that surrounds her home. She’s just about accepted a tedious, excitement-free life when a contest with a rival diver sends her deep into the sunken city’s forbidden zone where she discovers a pathway to a world more exciting and dangerous than anything she’s ever imagined–a world full of uncharted lands, mysterious creatures, and the mythical Thanatos Diver who, depending on the teller, is rumored to either save both worlds or destroy them…”

So what’s your pleasure? Webcomic? Digital? Print? Anyway you like it Thanatos Diver is an all-ages adventure is waiting for you, go discover it!

Thanatos Diver #1 (the first 14 page chapter of the webcomic) gets a 3 out of 5.

Check it out if spunky teen protagonists setting out on adventures pique your interest. And really you know it does!

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