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Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle Part 1 of 12 Preview/Review


The innate flaw in time travel stories is they can get very convoluted if they go on too long.  The Terminator mostly lost me after movie number two. I continue to watch them but I haven’t enjoyed them. I did like the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series mostly because it was more about character and the moves that led to the rise of the machines than the war and the future. That helped it avoid some of the flaws of the films.


The new series from Dark Horse, Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle, seeks to tell the story on the other side of history. What happens after the events of the last film? It hops back and forth from past to future to tell it from both ends. In so doing it left me a tad lost in both stories.

J. Michael Straczynski says he’s interested in exploring the world of Terminator and how it all played and plays out. That is what he is trying to do in this series:

The story that I’ve always wanted to see visualized, and that I think other fans of the movies have eagerly anticipated, is the battle that set all of the movies into motion: the assault on Skynet, the Terminators going through and what happens afterward on both sides of the timeline. So the events weave in and out of the tapestry of the Terminator, showing what we know or what we think we know, then turning the camera around to show us that what we thought we knew may not be exactly what happens.

(for more of the interview with JMS go to Comic Book Resources)

I agree for the most part. I do want to see Skynet and John Connor battle for the world. That’s what it’s all been leading to but I was more than a little lost in this issue.  Granted it’s a first issue, with all the set up they can be difficult even in linear stories.  The art was good but it took me bit to get a handle on who everyone was. Which added to my confusion and there seemed to be a lot happening but then nothing really did.

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TermFB1p3 TermFB1p4

(preview continued @Darkhorse.com)

I’d give this first issue 2.5 out of 5 stars. I may keep reading a bit mostly because I like JMS but if I forget to pick it up I won’t miss it.


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