The Tenth Doctor #4 Heads off into Space with a New Companion! ~ What'cha Reading?

The Tenth Doctor #4 Heads off into Space with a New Companion!


This is one of those “In Case You Missed It” reviews that Rosemary sometimes does, because I stumbled across something awesome with issue #4 of Titan’s Tenth Doctor comic. It came out on November 5 and you are going to want to check this one out.

The Tenth Doctor #4 Heads off into Space with a New Companion!

Cover by Verity Glass

The Tenth Doctor Adventures, you might remember, started in my very own Brooklyn, NY as the Doctor and his newest companion Gabriella (Gabby) Gonzalez worked together to defeat the Cerebravores. There’s still some doubt about the after-effects of the Empathic Pulse the Doctor used to do this (will it act as a beacon to bring more aliens to NYC? we don’t know!), but in the meantime, he’s taking Gabby on an adventure of her choice. She chooses (weelllll, the Doctor chooses) for her the Pentaquoteque Gallery of Ouloumos, “one of the finest collections of art in this sector,” and as usual for the Doctor and his companions, things go a little pear-shaped. And this is where it gets fun. Really fun.

Cover by Elena Casagrande

Cover by Elena Casagrande

See, Gabby is an artist and she’s basically art-journaling her trip with the Doctor for her friend, Cindy. Gabby knows full well that she might never give the letter/journal to Cindy, but it makes for a really unique take on the by now standard “companion’s first voyage on the TARDIS” trope. The added genius in this is that while the main art for the comic is done by Elena Casagrande (itself wonderfully realistic and reminding me of Fiona Staples’s stellar work in Saga), Gabby’s sketchbook is done by Arianna and Azzurra M. Florean. This gives Gabby’s experience its own special voice, a kind of visual voiceover if you will. The entire creative team deserves kudos for this—it’s a great storytelling device and was my favorite aspect of the issue. Nick Abadzis does a great job with Gabby throughout, and I already love her as a companion. She reacts to life with the Doctor and its accompanying running with the same attitude that I hope I would have: okay with the situations in spite of the fear because she realizes just how lucky she is to be a companion.

The Tenth Doctor #4 preview 1 The Tenth Doctor #4 preview 2 The Tenth Doctor #4 preview 3

Because this is Gabby’s first adventure with the Doctor, it’s the perfect time to jump into this series. Everything is new for her, so you being new to the series would be a perfect fit. And like I said, I think it’s brilliant. 5 out of 5 Lightning Bolts, and an Allons-y for good measure.

Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Letterers: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Colorist/Gabby Sketchbook Artist: Arianna Florean with Azzurra M. Florean
Cover Artists: Verity Glass and AJ and Elena Casagrande & Arianna Florean
Format: Comic
Publisher: Titan
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 5, 2014

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