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Telepathetic – A Teen Superhero Comedy From Sitcomics


Telepathetic - A Teen Angsty Superhero Comedy From SitcomicsWhen your were young did you tie on your towel cape and jump off of stuff hoping you’d fly like Superman? Did you sit at your desk during High School wishing you could read minds like Professor X? Of course you did! Well Telepathetic takes that childhood dream of super powers and gives it a sitcom twist! 

Dirk and Marsha are high school friends, they aren’t popular, she’s quite average, he’s a bit of a wacko. Together they have decided to try whatever they can think of to unlock their hidden potential and become super heroes. But in four years of experimenting nothing has worked and Marsha is, understandably, fed up with the whole process. But Dirk is desperate and when he and Marsha try on last time things start to happen. They have crossed a boundary, and opened there minds to a power, things are going to get interesting. Can two average kids handle being super powered in high school?

This fun, all-new series is written by Darin Henry a Hollywood sitcom writer who wrote for Seinfeld, Futurama, The Ellen Show, The Muppets and is now the co-executive producer of K.C. Undercover and drawn and colored by the incredibly talented young superstar Blair Shedd (Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Assassin’s Creed) from oneGemini Studios.

As an added bonus every issue of a Sitcomics comic has Sit-commercials, parody commercials written by Darin Henry and drawn by a host of artists, including in this issue a personal favorite of Bobby Timony!

You can read Telepathetic is available on go get yours, and check out the rest of Sitcomics books.

telepathic1unlettered01Telepathetic #1
Written by Darin Henry
Art by Blair Shedd
Colored by Blair Shedd
Lettered by Marshall Dillon
Genres: Comedy, Original Series, School Life, Superhero
Page Count: 28 Pages
Digital Release Date: April 6 2016
Age Rating: 9+ Only



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