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TeenyMates Score Big at Toy Fair


Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York City.  It was massive, with toy companies from all over the world showing off their new and upcoming products.  As I was walking around and taking it all in, I stopped by the Party Animal booth, maker of TeenyMates and Lil’ Teammates.  TeenyMates are little one-inch figures sold in pouches representing the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, college sports and WWE.  Each pouch comes with two TeenyMates and two puzzle pieces.  Jeff was on hand to show me around the both and tell me about all of the new and exciting products Party Animal has to offer.

While the TeenyMates pouches are fun to collect, gathering the entire set can be a long, tedious process but do not fret, there are now entire collections in one box and they come complete with the puzzle pieces, too.  The MLB collection comes in two separate sets, one for the American League and one for the National League.  Both sets come with a bonus All-Star figure.  The NFL and NHL collections come in one box each with a bonus figure.  The NHL set has a limited edition glow-in-the-dark figure while the NFL set comes with a referee.  There is also a collector’s tin available which includes four packs of TeenyMates, a stadium seat display complete with team names to proudly show off your collection and a referee or umpire bonus figure.  The newest addition is the locker room set which includes three TeenyMates, a bench, a cooler, a locker and team stickers.  The locker room line is a mystery set so it is not team-specific.

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On a slightly larger note, Party Animal has a line of sports figures called Lil’ Teammates.  The 3-inch figures come in all MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL teams as well as over forty college teams.  They do not come in WWE but who knows what the future holds.  They are sold individually or as a pack with a referee or umpire included.  All Lil’ Teammates represent two positions in their respective sport.  Using the blueprint for Lil’ Teammates, Party Animal and the U.S. Army have teamed up to produce a military figure line called Lil’ Troops.  The line is made up of five different individual figures and comes in a 3-pack as well.


There is a new product Party Animal unveiled that I found very neat.  It is a thermos in the shape of an NFL TeenyMates figure called the TeenyMates Big Sip.  The first wave is 18 teams all with updated logos, colors and uniforms.  The sports fan in me wants to buy one just because it is so brilliant of an idea.  With that being said, I’ll be waiting patiently for the second wave hoping my New York Jets are included.  Party Animal also has great products like team duct tape, signs, banners and flags.  All of the products featured are available now in toy stores, sporting goods stores and online.

I would like to thank John for showing me all of Party Animal’s new and exciting products.  I have a few TeenyMates at home and they are a simple, fun, space-saving way to show team spirit or just to show your love of the game.  The Lil’ Teammates and Lil’ Troops are a great way to announce your love of team and country if the TeenyMates aren’t enough.  If you want to build or add to the ultimate team room, Party Animal products are the way to go.  They will have everything you need. For more information on all of the products shown and more, visit partyanimalinc.com and teenymates.com.

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